WL12 Crash causes rescan, then missing plugs on each montage

No idea what happened. Fired up WL12. It immediately invoked a re-scan. On completion the ‘Hub’ appeared, and all settings were at the default.

I opened some existing montages and the clips and markers are in place, but the plug-ins are missing. I can choose them and re-insert, so they are ‘scanned’, but the Montage has lost them.

What do I do?

Do you have a back up of the session/montages?

This either means the WaveLab preferences were erased, or your plugins were updated. Can you use your plugins in another application?

Yes, the plugs work fine in Cubase.

If you don’t see the plugins at all in WaveLab, force a plugin rescan.

Hi. (sigh) I know I come off as chronically grouchy, but I’m legally blind and these sorts of issues take -forever- to ‘screen cap’. What I’m saying is that…

  1. I tried to start WL12. I got a ‘no licenses found’ error… which has NOT been uncommon, btw, since the new licensing system.
  2. I rebooted machine.
  3. I re-started WL12 and it immediately began the whole re-scan process.
  4. After it was done, I knew -something- was wrong because the colour scheme had changed to the default ‘black’. Also, none of my Recent files were present.
  5. I searched for existing projects and opened one. The audio and fades look fine. BUT…
  6. In the Master Section, all the plugs are -gone-, including their settings.
  7. I can manually re-load them. All the plugs are available. However, without the settings, it’s gonna be rough.

So… aren’t the master section settings (plugs) stored with each Montage? If not, where can I look for them?

PS. FWIW, I’m also using Cubase 13.03-whatever, and it did -not- to a re-scan or lose settings.

From what you describe, it’s as if the setting folder of WaveLab was damaged because settings were lost, and a full plugin rescan was done. Do you make backups? If yes, this is the folder to restore (IIRR, you are on Windows)

\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 12\

You should consider running a disk check, maybe something is wrong.

Only if you ask for it. And then, you have to manually load it.
Else, the last Master Section settings are stored with the project, if you have one.

Will do. But for now, this is apparently an important concept I’ve been missing.
You’re saying that a Montage is independent of the Master Section Settings. If I want to save the entire ‘Project’, including the Montage -and- the Master Section Settings, I have to save a ‘Project’.

Does saving the ‘Project’ save the ‘Montage’ and the ‘Master Section’ in one operation, or are those separate ‘saves’?

A project is a set of file references. This is not a database that embeds other files. IOW, the montage is a separate file (or rather a folder with files inside it).

A project, however, saves the Master Section automatically. If you want to simplify your life, create a project and the Master Section will be saved along.

If you have a montage, WaveLab will always ask you to save it, when it is modified.


FWIW, I second this. I recently had a system SSD fail … there was a ‘warning’ sign that I only recognized in hind site and it was an instance of general weirdness different to yours but ‘similar’ if that makes sense. The major brand SSD then just failed a couple of start ups later The read/write limit is apparently a real thing.

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Thanks. I opened Acronis Disk Monitor and noticed a series of (so far) one-off disk errors that may have coincided with the problem.

Where you wrote:

“A project, however, saves the Master Section automatically. If you want to simplify your life, create a project and the Master Section will be saved along.”

Does the WPR -contain- the Master Section Preset, or is it a -reference- to the Master Section Preset?

IOW: For backup purposes, do I still need to save the .dat file of the Master Preset as well? I ask because WL seems to want to save Master Section Presets in a particular folder on my C drive, which is never where I would save other WL files (like .mon or .wpr files.

Bonus question: Can I set the default path for saving Master Section Presets somewhere else?

This is a file located inside the project folder, in this relative location:


Hence, if you backup the project folder, the Master Section preset is included.


Two things regarding Projects.

  1. How do I rename a Project or save as an existing Project by another name in order to use as a ‘template’?

  2. For MP3s… is there an @variable@ for the Montage? If I’m using a project it would be good to be able to name the Album by the Montage name,

Thanks as always.

To create a template, there is a special procedure:



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  1. So… I did a Project Backup (which I often do in Cubase), which also seemed to create a ‘Project’. Correct?

  2. It seems as though the Project folder contains a ‘dat’ file. Is -that- where the Master Section Presets are stored for that particular Project? Sorry to obsess, but I want to make sure that I can back up those -with- the Montage.

  3. FWIW, the only thing that would make the @variables@ even better would be if you could apply it to the ‘Year’ field. ie. make that able to take the variable @ThisYear@ rather than a 4 digit number. But the File Name is very helpful. THANKS!

Yes, this creates a copy, hence a project.

Yes it is. To verify, open your backup project on another machine, or simply hide the original one.

Please clarify, I don’t get your point.