WL12 Project Functionality Questions

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So I’m trying to create a Template Project with a Template Montage included. Does the Project Template save Montages “owned” by it? If not, what does a Project Template include - only the plugins/playback processing and such? The functionality seems limited for a Template workflow, or potentially buggy. Please see video below:

As you’ll see, the montage I had open when I created that Template Project does not open, and also the Title Bar at the top of the window doesn’t reflect the Project name I just created. I have to File > Project > Open to get it to seem as though we’re in that project.

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You can create a project based on a project template, or a montage based on a Montage template. But you can’t create both a project and a montage (at the same time) from both a project template and a Montage template.

This is a small bug that will be fixed in 12.0.10

Thanks, PG. I think I get it, but what I was trying to do create a Project with a Montage open in it. Is that what you’re saying is not possible?

If so, what is a Project Template useful for/what does it own?

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Only useful if you need a specific working group layout, eg. as on the following picture.
(or more simply, with a single panel with multiple empty file groups)

Audio montage templates are generally more useful.
This being said, your request makes sense (to have a montage template automatically created with a project, I note the idea).

However, what you could do is this: at startup, create a montage from the desired template.
Later, use the Project function “Save Current Session As New Project…”