WL12 Spectrum: delete contents of selection

Is there a way to Delete the contents of a selection made in Spectrum/Spectrogram?

I can only see options to either Crop (remove all outside of selection) or Change Level (max -144dB) under Processing.
Isn’t there a way to simply Delete the selection contents?

Deleting is the same as changing the level by -144 dB.
Else, what do you mean?

I mean deleting, as in “pressing the Delete key” exactly the way WaveLab allows me to do in “Waveform” view.
Select a region to delete, press Delete… gone.

In Waveform view it’s even possible to delete a selection in one of the channels only. Quite remarkable.
In Spectrogram view (or Spectrum tab) it’s impossible to delete.
Quite unremarkable.
Is is possible to “Crop”, “Attenuate” and do a number of complex (and very interesting) operations to a selection under Spectrum tab but this simple option is missing in a way that seems like oversight.

So, please consider my previous question about the functionality as a “Feature Request”: pressing Delete to delete a selection in Spectrogram view as easily as in Waveform view.

Also, as discussed before in another earlier thread, it is absolutely underwhelming that one can not process larger or multiple selections at once.
I have exemplified this previous request for “large selection processing” with the frequent need to remove CRT monitor interference from concert recordings.
Please note: this is just an example.
In Wavelab i have to select small portions of the interference and “attenuate” (not delete as deleting is impossible) and for, say, a classical concert that lasts 90 minutes that would take hours to process with dozens of repeated steps.

My solution? I use Adobe Audition or Izotope RX wich allow me to make selections that encompass the full length of the audio file (multiple selections if needed) and delete or process them as required.
In one single pass.

I love WaveLab but it’s really sad i have to use other tools to perform such basic functions.

Thankyou for your continued attention and support!

Yes this is possible: if you select this tool, the Delete behavior is exactly as in the waveform view.

Yes but that Delete option does not encompass the selection possibilities that we have in Spectrum view.

Deleting this type of selection should be possible:

Of course, i can attenuate and do a lot of other interesting and useful processing to this type of selection but pressing Delete should be as obvious as with the Time Selection tool.
And also, of course, Rectangle selection should not be time limited for processing.

So you mean, deleting (Delete key) should be the same as changing the level by -144 dB. IOW, the capability is already there, but you are missing this shortcut (in which case, I agree with you).

In WaveLab 12, the maximum process length is 20 minutes (this was 1 minute ine WaveLab <= 11).
If you need to process more, you can still use the Master Section option (in which case, the processing is made by the plugins, which can typically be a gain reduction).


Not sure what you mean with “multiple selection”, because you can already do this in WaveLab 12:

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Sorry, i don’t know what IOW is!

I don’t know if -144dB is the same as “deleting”, it probably is considering the dynamic range available, if -144 is equal to -infinity. I don’t know.
If it is, yes, the Delete key should work in Spectral the same way it works in Waveform, including rectangle selection.

I checked for the possibility of creating a shortcut for the “-144dB” option in the Processing tab under Spectrum but it’s not possible. I can access the tab with a shortcut but not the selected attenuation function.

Great! I hadn’t noticed the maximum processing length had changed to 20 minutes.
My bad!
Thankyou. That is much better.

As for my remaining suggestions and/remarks, i stand corrected.

This is the acronym of “In Other Words” :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, -144 dB is the same as minus infinity.

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FYI, in WaveLab 12.0.30, the Backspace key (not the Delete key), will erase the selected frequency range (c.f. your original post). This is internally a shortcut to “apply a gain of minus infinite”.
This shortcut is coherent with what happens in the standard waveform mode.

I can’t get it to work with the Rectangle Selection tool.
Tried with two different keyboards.
Neither Delete or Backspace keys do anything with the Rectangle Selection tool.
With Time Selection tool, yes, the result is identical between Spectral and Waveform views.

The Backspace key shortcut is, as you say, assigned to a “Mute” command but it is only functional with the Time Selection tool, not with the Rectangle Selection tool.

Also, in the Spectral Tab, the Processing functions are only available for Rectangle Selection and not for Time Selection.

This is all a bit convoluted, no?
Is there a good reason for not being able to apply the Processing options when a Time Selection range has been selected.
And why are the Delete and Backspace options (“Delete” and “Mute”) only available for Time Selection and not for Rectangle Selection?
I don’t get the logic behind this.
Shouldn’t both tools have the exact same options available to them?

And here’s the difference between “Delete” and Processing a -144dB full range selection in Spectral.

Steps taken were these:

Spectrogram view > Spectrum Tab > Time Selection tool > created a region in a 44.1/24 WAV file > clicked Backspace (aka “Mute”)
. result is the left part of silence in the image.

Then proceeded to

Spectrogram View > Spectrum Tab > Rectangle Selection tool > dragged a range equivalent in size and carefully adjusted top and bottom selected areas to touch each respective border > clicked Processing > Change Level > -144dB > Apply

As you can see, it is impossible to obtain Silence (-infinite) with the -144dB processing.
Either because the rectangle tool does not allow for a perfect Range selection or because the -144dB leaves some audio behind.
I’m more inclined for the former.

But still, they’re not comparable and having one function with one tool and not having the same function with an equivalent tool is weird.

Time Selection tool range on the left.
Rectangle Selection with -144dB processing on the right.
Waveform image is vertically zoomed.

PG was mentioning above, his results were in v12.0.30, which hasn’t been released yet… wait for that and try again.?

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I mentioned WaveLab 12.0.30, the next update. Currently this is not possible with the 12.0.20 you have :wink:

Well, as I see it, it doesn’t make sense for the spectral Rectangle Selection to have a Delete option (via [Delete] key), as Delete in WaveLab does not just mute but it also automatically shifts the following audio part further to the front to close the gap.
Now, if you would select a spectral rectangle from 4000 to 6000 Hz to delete it, then what should happen with frequencies below and above that range, hmm? Unless there would be some mixing involved, these frequencies still remain and take their space, so you effectivly just silenced/muted your selection.

Right, and this is why WaveLab 12.0.30 will use the key “Backspace” to mute a frequency range selection.

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Yes, this will be a very good implementation.
Of course i wouldn’t expect the deletion of a partial selection made with the Rectangle or Lasso tools to shift contents “around” the deleted region.
That would be absurd and its obvious that was not what i was asking.
What i was asking if it could be done (first post) was to delete the contents of a region selected with the rectangle tool.
It isn’t.
It will be in 12.0.30

The key will be Backspace and not Delete?
I wasn’t requesting for a specific key. Just a functionality.
And in the opening post i wasn’t even aware it wasn’t possible. I only assumed i couldn’t find the way to do it.

Glad to help WL evolve.