WL5 hanging on record when Phase Scope is Enabled


i recently bought a second hand version of WL5 off Ebay to replace WL Elements that i have been running for some time (im still on an xp system running cubase studio 4).

once installed, everytime i tried to record into WL, the system froze, so i reverted to WLElements (which continued working perfectly).

I have been forced to reformat my audio pc today, so before i installed cubase, i decided to play with WL5 on a fresh XP pro install (once all the windows updates had run). Unfortunately, i got the same problem.

Having a bit of time in hand, i started trying to diagnose the problem (assuming it was soundcard drivers). Nothing seemed to work, until i unchecked the “Monitor” box in the record window. Bizarrely, WL5 hasnt crashed since.

ive been googling and cant find any mention of this. anyone know what might be causing this strange behaviour?

EDIT: Now discovered, that its actually the phase scope causing the problem, which might explain why WLE didnt crash, as i dont think it has it. Not really an issue any more TBH, as i dont use the phase scope, but annoying none the less. if anyone can help, i would still appreciate it.



AMD X2 6000, XP Pro, ESI ESP1010.