WL6 How to send 24 bit montage , render ?

WL6 How to send 24 bit montage , render ?
normally I simply provide dithered cds , but someone requested 24 bit files
As the mastering work was done as a whole in montage , that needs to be sent.

Is this a simple thing? tia

Assuming your client wants individual track files (like for HD Tracks, or source files for MP3 or AAC), and also assuming the client wants 24 bit files at the mastered sampling rate:

  1. Make a copy of your master montage.
  2. In the new montage, go to the Markers Tab. Change all the CD Track Start markers (except the first one at the start of the album) to CD Track Splice markers, by clicking the red icons in the list. Delete all the CD Track End markers, except the last one at the end of the album.
  3. Go to the CD Tab. Add a number before each of the track names. (01, 02, 03…).
  4. Add Dither in the Master Section. Set to 24 Bit.
  5. Click the Render button in the Master Section. Select “Regions/Tracks”, “Create named files”. Set file format to Stereo, , 24 Bit.

If they want 44.1 and your master montage is not 44.1, you’ll need to insert Crystal Resampler and Peak Master in the Master Section when doing these renders.

Also, if your client wants these files for lossy MP3, AAC, or MFit AAC encoding, they’ll probably also expect you to ensure levels without clipping and ISP after encode (by adjusting the levels of the WAV files you’re making). If you have a Mac, you can do this with the free Apple Mastered for iTunes tools. If you only have Windows, you can get Sonnox Codec Toolbox, or you can make test MP3 encodes yourself from various level WAV files you make, load them back in Wavelab, and play them through the free SSL X-ISM ISP Meter to check for clipping and ISP. That will determine what level WAV files to give them.

Thanks for a good & detailed response.
I say montage because that is where the cross fades and gaps of silence are, so
wanted to preserve that instead of sending individual mixed files.