WL6 using batch processor to "cut" in many files

I have many files with about one minute time to cut at the beginning of each file.
Can I use batch processor to do it automatically? I couldn’t find out how to do it.
Thanx in advance!

Tools/Batch Processing.
On the “Input” tab, click the Edit Batch Plugins button (on the far right). Try the Trimmer plugin. It goes up to 60 seconds.


Tools/Auto Split.
Lots of options (like Cut Head or Split Silence), and can work on multiple files (in the files/folder selection dialog).

Trimmer works perfect!
Glad I have exactely one minute to cut, what is max in this plugin! What would I do if I have more??!
Anyway, thank you very much!

Glad it worked. Cut Head in Auto Split can go longer I think. Auto Split can also remove silence based on level, regardless of exact time, if your files have silence but different lengths of silence.

Thanx a lot!! :slight_smile: