WL7.2 and Eucon - Euphonix MC

Is anyone got WL7.2 to work (map) with MC pro or Eucon?


Hi Philippe,

Is there any up ancoming support for the Euphonic MC Control Surface or if already how this can be used to control W7?


We are not going to provide “factory presets” for it. But the WaveLab generic remote control model allows WaveLab to be driven by most MIDI remote controllers. You have to “learn” the device to module.

I got some basic buttons to functions.
Anyone can provide advise on getting the wheel knob to work as well, for example to use the wheel knob to zoom (the timeline) in and out ?
Phillip? anyone?

You have to select the “zoom parameter”, and assign a control:

did not work for me. (discover MIDI worked, but it will not function).
If anyone able to make the wheel on the MC Pro works, please let me know how you did it.