WL7 and FF800 - Low sample rate problem ?


first, never had problem when working with “usual” parameters 44.1k/48k/96k and 16b/24b.

Yesterday, I made some vocal records at 48k/16b and converted them into 16k/8b for a remotly controlled hardware audio player based on UC / SD card (this player can’t read audio files whith highter values). All works fine, the 16k/8b mono files can be played by the HW player on demand. Wavelab / FF800 can’t play these files, I know that and it’s not a problem for me.

But now, after making these low rate files conversions, impossible to get playing any of my other files in Wavelab !

When I try to play a 44.1k/16b or 48k/24b file, I get always the same message saying Wavelab / audio interface can’t play file at 22050 Hz.

All these files can be played without any problem in PT9, C6 and in QT player. All applications can read them, except Wavelab - so no problem about FF800. Latest update for Wavelab (V7.1.1) and latest firmware / drivers for FF800 (V2.77 / V3.062). Computer / FF800 restart without effect.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion or idea,

Win7/64 - FF800 - PT9 / C6 / WL7 - All latest version -


Whenever you have a odd sample rate then simply
use the Crystal Resampler plugin in the Master Section
or sample rate convert audio file(s) inside WL to new audio file,
when you can playback with other hardware or software
sample rate convertion is built in or supported by HW or SW
but with WL you have to do it and know where and how.

regards S-EH

Hi S-EH,

thanks for your answer.

I never had idea to use Crystal Resampler to go highter and listen the “unsupported” down-converted files. Until now, only used it for down step. Good suggestion, thanks for this.

What that seem strange now is why I no more can’t play standard files, never see this before.

Sample rate for audio devices is driver ASIO or Core Audio and OS dependent
with some audio apps the sample rate conversion happens behind your SW back not so with WL.
Media players can often play at any sample rate then conversion is built in more or less.

regards S-EH

Thanks for these infos.

Well, I found what caused the problem, and I’m a little ashamed to have posted before searching more than I did.
I simply let crystal resampler on master panel, and this one was configured to 22.05k output. I didn’t see it because master panel was hidden on my last project, and I have to admit that WL7 is new to me (master panel was always visible in WL6, and I don’t remember that inserted effects were saved between session).

Sorry for any inconvenience.