WL7 and XP

When I first jumped to WL7 because I had recommended WL to a friend and it was the only version they could purchase, I contacted support about several problems I was seeing in my version, installed on the same quad core XP workstation I had been running WL5 on… I was everntually told that WL7 was not certified or usable with XP, and that my issues could well be solely problems with XP compatability.

Reading through the forum today, however, I not only see some folks who appear to be running on XP fine, but also a comment from Phillipe about using “XP compatability mode” as a solution for one user’s issues.

So, could I have a final explanation of what the real deal is with WL7 and XP?

Am I really going to have to install WL7 on a Win7 computer to get full support from the Wavelab crew? I am on the verge of doing that anyway, but the waters seem murkier to me than the original explanation from support indicated.

My comment was only a suggestion to possibly solve a plugin issue.
We don’t do any test with XP and don’t want to spend time on possible issues that would concern XP alone, this is what we mean with “we don’t support XP”. This does not mean there is problem. Indeed, there are happy XP WaveLab users.

Thank you, Phillipe, for the clarification…which, of course, means that I do need to go ahead and do the install with Win7 if I want to have a coherent response for bugs I may find.

FYI, and for anyone out there using XP, I have had some display issues that were pretty disturbing recently with XP- the worst being incorrect functioning of the bit meter, which would display 16 bits only when there were clearly 24 or 32 bit situations being played back. This was intermitant, and usually cleared with a reboot, but was enough all by itself to convince me that I could no longer work in XP with WL7.

FWIW …I have been running WL7 on XP Pro SP3 without any real problem (meaning that the issues experienced are also experienced on Win 7).

It’s been rock solid here.

Works fine here too on XP/SP3, once I can work out how to use it of course

Works fine here too.