WL7 crashes every time I quit the application


Every time I quit Wavelab 7 the application crashes. Just before this happens it indicates there is a problem in either the Slate Digital FG-X plugin or the Waves Lin MB. This is not incidental but occurs 100% when quitting the application.

I have a brand i7 920 PC running Win7. I did a clean install of Windows and all applications. I have Waves Platinum V8 and the latest Slate Digital FG-X dll’s. Other applications like Cubase 6 (latest) and Wavelab 6 (latest) run just fine using these plugins…

Below the windows displaying the error messages.
One seems WL7 specific, the other a general Win7 message (in dutch, stating WL7 doesn’t work anymore, with the option to close it or find help online. As my PC is offline this is no option).
WL7 Errors.jpg
Could this be a Synchrosoft LCC issue? Any hints on how to solve this?

Thanks for any help!

I have the same problem and I am using the exact same plugins, Slate Digital and Lin MB, I was about to try the same chain without Slate digital as i suspect it is not stable enough

WL7 still crash after closing it even with the new update

Even if you don’t use these plugins?

I didn’t test that, but i guess it’s only when using them, is there a solution for this?

You should ask the developer of your plugins to test this, because the problem is likely to happen in the plugins, when unloading them.

I sent a support request to Slate Digital and will post the results here…

Why is this not happening in WL6? Do the plugins have to be “upgraded” to stay compatible with WL7?


Another example of different plugin’s behaviour in WL6 vs. WL7?