WL7+Cubase 5: Open Same Time?

wondering if any MR816 owners are using WL and Cubase at the same time, and have noticed that you can’t play audio through Wavelab while Cubase is open. Does anyone know a way around this?

there is an option you can check to release audio driver while in the background.


I don’t beleive that the MR816 drivers are multiclient. I’m hoping that a future update will include this but I’m not holding my breath. BTW All RME driversw ARE multiclient.

Hi, thanks for these responses guys! I didn’t get an email for some reason. Anyway…

Here’s the weird thing: I have the MR816CSX at home (Mac) and at work (PC), and on the Mac, I have multiclient audio - Cubase and Wavelab can be open at the same time! - whereas on the PC, no audio in Wavelab.

I also checked with Sony Vegas 10, and the audio device isn’t even available as in option in Preferences, but the Yamaha FW appears once Cubase is closed. I assume it’s probably a shortcoming in Windows, but I’ve had many multi-client Win audio cards before that didn’t have this problem. Oh well, it’d be nice to have for those busy days, when I’m mastering/mixing on the fly.

(bduffy. Im new here.) I’m responding to your Sony comment.

I use Sony Vegas 7.0. and I cannot seem to find my Steinberg mr816x in the preference list of devices in Sony Vegas.

Does anyone know how to get Steinberg mr816x working with Sony Vegas ?

thank you.