WL7 & Cubase 7 WL8?

I have always upgraded to the latest version of Cubase and Wavelab. I suppose I use Cubase more due to recording my band. Wavelab tends to get used at the end. Usually I see something in a new version that is a must have but I can’t see what WL8 has in it that Cubase or WL7 does not already have. I’m probably refering ot plugins here as I probably don’t touch on most of the features of WL. I tend to use it to finish off tracks by topping and tailing and getting levels right.

So I have I missed something here or is there nothing new in WL8? Well for me anyway.


By the way I am marked as a new member but I have been a member since the inception of the first Steinberg forums. I just don’t post very often.

We even talk to new members! :stuck_out_tongue: I suppose yes, it really does depend on your specific use case, and I did also ask myself what’s in it that’s worth the upgrade price, but having used it parallel to WL7 for a few weeks now, I’d have to say it’s the sum of all the changes that makes it cleaner and snappier to work with – not very technical, I know, but that’s the only way I can summarise it. I expect I’ll be uninstalling WL7 sometime soon, as WL8 is now my first choice.

If I had to nominate just one feature that makes it worth every penny though, that would have to be metering. For anyone who is producing audio for broadcast it’s simply a “must-have”. There are some good videos from Musikmesse that give you an overview.

It’s a pity there’s not a trial version so you could more easily compare. All I can say is I’m glad I upgraded.

I think WL8 is totally worth the upgrade price (well, for me anyway) for many reasons, one of them being that the application seems more snappy, but I know that sounds a bit vague. Some more concrete reasons:

  • Metering indeed is much improved with the arrival of loudness metering
  • I find the Master Transport panel a huge improvement (and the zooming presets!)
  • The extensive amount of functions that we now have for adding meta-data
  • Voxengo Curve-EQ with spectrum matching
  • The separate Master Plugin Section in the montage

Ofcourse, only you can decide whether these things are enough reason for you to upgrade…

Cheers guys. I think one of the reasons why i was asking is that the plugins like curve EQ are already in Cubase so I already have them and there didn’t seem to be any extra mastering plugins. Saying all that since I have WL7 I’ll probably upgrade as it’s not too expensive to do so.

As a new guy I should probably get into posting more again :wink: