WL7 Jog & Latency

I hope somebody can point me in the right direction on this one.

I’m having the most annoying problem in Wavelab 7 64bit. I’ve just invested in the best PC I could afford (spec below) and I’m unable to get the performance of my 5 year old machine in one specific area!

When in Jog mode, the audio to visual latency I’m experiencing is huge (in a matter of speaking!).

If I slowly jog play at a zoom of 1:1 over an erroneous click, for example, by the time I hear the click it has visually disappeared off screen and I have to manually grab the scrol bar to then try and locate said click on screen. On my old Windows XP 32bit system with wavelab 7 and an M-Audio Delta 1010 soundcard, the audio to video would be almost perfectly in sync even when zoomed at 4:1!

I’ve tried every buffer setting on my soundcard just in case it was a standard latency issue, from 32 samples to 2048, and no difference. I’ve tried with the master section enabled and disabled, again no difference. For the life in me I cannot figure this out!

Any ideas?


Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit
Intel i7-3820 3.6GHz
32Gb RAM
480GB Corsair Force GS SSD System Drive
1TB Seagate Barracuda Audio Drive
2TB Seagate Barracuda Sample Drive
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

This cannot be a performance issue. What audio card are you using? Try with a latency of 512 samples, and dont use more than 16 buffers.

I’m using a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 with Mixcontrol 3.1.

I’ve tried with 512 samples and as standard it’s set to 16 buffers but no change: regardless of the somples size I get no change in performance on this issue.

I fired up my old system to make sure that I was not imagining how good it used to be and came up with a comparison. On a recording of a piece of vinyl I was able to slowly jog at a zoom of 8:1, hear a click and my play head would be within 1 millisecond of the click, making it really easy to identify on the display . On my new system with the same audio file, this is 27ms!

As already told, this is not a performance issue. WaveLab asks the number of played samples to the audio card driver, and uses this information to sync with the graphical waveform. I think the problem is there.
Do you have a chance to use your old M-Audio card on your new system, to see if that works as before?