WL7 just ignores my saved workspace layout


I saved a workspace preset for my audio montage and saved it also “as default”.

However, Wavelab just seems to ignore it and starts with totally different audio montage layout every time again.

Why do I have to reset this over and over again? What am I missing?

Thanks for any pointers…

WaveLab starts from the last layout it had when quitting.
The default layout is when you create a workspace while none was previously opened during the session.

I also still have the same thing, it’s 100% a bug. It only happens with the montage, the audio files window saves OK.

No, there is no bug that I see. I repeat:

The default layout is when you create a workspace while none was previously opened during the session.

Yes, but the default layout is NOT the layout that I saved as default layout!

If this ain’t a bug, it definitely feels like one, having to load my saved layout over and over again.

Maybe this behaviour is “by design”, but then I do not understand where the layout “save as default” function is used for.

PG, can you please clarify a bit more?


What i also don’t understand is why it works fine in the audio files window and not in the montage.
I tried a lot of things and it keeps resetting various things but not all, that’s the weird part. (PG: i think i mailed you some screenshots some time ago?)
One thing is for sure, this is not the way it should work!

Same here …

My saved Layout will never choose, if I open Wlab. Have try all things … saved as default, with other names and so on.
Now I have assigned a key command as a workaround, but it’s annoying.

Work with two monitorsetup. Desktop is stretched over the two monitors (3840x1080 pixel)

Hi PG,

Please take a look at the video I made to demonstrate the behaviour.

Open WL7 (opens Audio Montage with WL7 default layout)
Apply personal layout preset which is previously saved as default (layout changes)
Close WL7 (confirm)
Open WL7 (opens Audio Montage WL7 default layout again, instead of the last, or even my own default)

Looking forward to your comments!

I think there is a missunderstanding.

Let’s say you have WaveLab and your workspace open (any).
You quit.
You launch again. By design, WaveLab will restore the workspace as it was when you last quit.
Now, lets say you close it. And you create a new one. The layout as it was when you close it, is reused. Again by design. No default layout is used in all theses cases.

Now, another scenario:
Let’s say you have WaveLab and your workspace open. You close it (while some other workspace is open, ie. you don’t quit WaveLab).
Later you quit WaveLab.
You launch again. Now, if you want to create a new workspace, there is none that WaveLab can reuse. In that case, the default layout (if you have saved one), is used. And only in that case.


Yes probably. Thanks for the clarification…

Scenario 1: Just the workspace gets restored and layouts are ignored by design.

Scenario 2: No workspace is restored but layouts are also ignored, even if I select the option “use default layout”. My default layout preset is NOT loaded. I can not imagine this is by design.

From a user perspective:
I would like wavelab to start with my saved default layout preset. This is at least what I expect after saving a default layout preset.

Hopefully my user insight gets some attention…


YES! To me this is the simple logical way.

My goodness, I have always wondered if it was just me… Today I feel like I’m not alone.
And once again, where would I go to obtain the information PG just explained in the scenarios? Certainly no user manual because none exist!

PG would this suggestion be possible?

I just did some more testing and i still stick to my point that it’s a bug, not a feature!
The montage simply doesn’t save settings the way it should. Really annoying… :cry:

Please PG, test it for yourself! This is NOT the way it should be…

I made some screenshots for proofing it and to show you what happens.

The way i saved things, the way i want it.
After i closed the montage while audiofiles was still open, choose new montage and it works the way it should work.
This is what happens if i close montage, then close audiofiles, re-open wavelab (in audiofiles) and choose new montage. Mastersection bar gone, sidebar (which the big start/stop button etc) is back to big (hidden behind the floating mastersection), transport bar back to top etc.
If i open the preset that i made it also reverts to this screen setup. All things work fine in the audio files section of WL7, it’s just the montage!

Since your layout contains floating shared window, I suggest you to try this:
When you global layout is set and fine, call “Save current layout as default” (see picture -> “Global” menu).
When you restart WaveLab and wants to find your default layout again, call “Close All and restore default layout”.


OK, if i do that it works but to me it feels like a workaround, not a solution. But at least i can get things to work that way, thank you for that!

But still… i think there is some work to do.

Sorry but I just don’t get it…

Take a look at this quick video (HD full screen for better resolution) and tell me what it is that I’m doing wrong…


My saved default layout preset just DOESN’T get restored, either way!

I hope this makes it clear…

FYI, in WaveLab 7.2, you will be able to choose at startup between the last layout, your default layout, the factory layout.

Thank you!

I found out that this only works if the last thing you opened was the montage, not the wave editer… so no workaround either… :cry:
I really hope this is solved in 7.2. Any idea when it hits the street?

What I told you is independent from the open workspace. What is not restored?