WL7 Live-Input?

Hey guys,

I am running WL7 on a separate machine feeding my 2Bus-Mix from my Desk into it.
Now want to be able to hear my Mix with 2-Bus compression (Plug In) on it.

How do have set WL up to make this happen?



You can do it with the Audio input plug-in.

The Audio Input is a special Master Section plug-in that allows you to render a signal coming in to a sound card’s input(s) together with any Master Section effects. This signal can be anything your sound card accepts, for example a feed from a mixer, a recorder or a microphone.

Ok, found the “Audio Input” Plug, but I don`t get any input level anywhere in WL.
Switching to Pinguin Audio Meter I can see incoming Audio.

Activating record in WL I do see incoming Audio and I am able to record it.
What am I missing?

Can someone double check this for me cause I believe this is a Bug.

It’s not obvious, but you have to press Play on the transport panel to hear the plugins after the Audio Input plugin. There are two sections in the Help file about how to do this. Go to the Help menu and search for Audio Input and Audio Input Plugin, and those will find 2 different pages that explain how to set it up…

At First it didn`t work although I had set the correct Input/Output Routing.
I had to save a preset with this Routing first, then all over sudden I received an input signal on the Master.

To me this workflow is VERY clumsy.

I agree. I hope it will be improved in the future.