WL7 on Mac has Digital distortion

Hi All,

I’m new to WL. So far, I think the program is really great, having said that, I have a serious problem.
I’ve done searches and have not seen this issue yet.

My setup is as simple as it gets. I only use WL7 to capture at 44.1/16. So… there are no plugs or external hardware inserts in my session. When I’m recording a file, 90% of the time, there will be a loud burst of digital, buzzy-distortion louder than the track… like I’ve lost sync.

I do not believe it’s my hardware or system. I can record all day with the same inputs on PTHD9, Studio One, N4, Wave Editor and MixBuss without one glitch. I’m recapturing my mixes with a Genex GXAD on the dig-in of my MacPro 8 Core 2.8… has anyone experienced this?

Maybe I’m missing a level of clock settings in the program? Maybe WL7 needs to be set up differently than all the others I’ve mentioned? Meanwhile, my work around is to capture in anything else and then import to WL7… kind of a drag.

Part Two:
Since I monitor the output of WL7, I’ve noticed that the sound of the program really changes from “input monitor” to actually recording. This is unsettling, do any of you have the same issue? I’ll do the test, but “in the end” does the captured file sound like “input” or “record?”

Thanks in advance for any information.

Are you saying that once you capture a recording and play it back it sounds different?
Are you recording at 16/24/32 bits? … I imagine that when we monitor it’s at 32 bits. If we record at 16 and play it back, it should sound different . .
PG, Am I talking nonsense? . . .

The recorded signal is saved in the bit resolution you specify. If you record a 24 bit stream and save it as 16 bit, it won’t be playback later as you monitor it. The bit resolution you specify in the Recording dialog is important.

Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies.

I’m saying that, while in input, it sounds like the source (good) and once you are “in record” it sounds different… not as natural. My “dig-stream” is at 16 Bits at the Genex A/D… prior to WL. Core audio and WL are set to 16 bit.

I’m capturing with the Genex A/D at 44.1/16bit.
I monitor at 16 Bit and I playback at 16 Bit.
It sounds good to me on input, but not while I’m “in record.”

After some test, the good news is that the recorded file sounds like input, i.e. more like the source.

btw: Here’s a description of the differences, While in record, the sound changes like this:
The extreme top and bottom become shaved and there is more “cloudy” energy at 500-700 hz.
I’m thinking the change in sound, might be a monitoring issue as it’s in record, almost like it’s
being doubled, but you do not hear a delayed double.

Question: When you are “in record” in WL, are you listening to the input of the source, or the repro of the file?

I can deal with the above. It’s the distortion that shoots through my tracks; that’s the bigger problem.
Has anyone had occasional distortion in their tracks on a mac using core-audio and the onboard optical in?

Thanks, Brad

This should be fun reading for those of you that know the program. :smiley:

I inadvertently had the external-insert “asio drivers” selected on channels 1-2.
Since the MacPro only has two channels, I’m sure this was creating some havoc.
It seems better after selecting “none.”

This might explain my issues based on the “external-insert dropout thread.”
It might shed light on my double monitoring sound.

Like I said, I’m new to the program :mrgreen: