WL7 on windows 7 Prof

I updated my system from xp to Win7. Now I can’t play any audio-files with WL7.2.1(build 600). Neither ASIO nor MME are working). Other Audio-Software works fine. Any suggestions? Pleeaase…
I have the newest drivers installed!

What is the exact symptom?

Thanks for the quick answer.
When I press Start it plays about 100 ms and the stops. When I press start again WL freezes and I have to reboot the computer.

I am surprised you get the same problem with MME, which uses a completly different code.
This would really sound like a driver problem. But you say it works elsewhere.
I have no clue…

I have a m-audio profire lightbridge. I also think it is the m-audio driver. Ableton seems also not to work in asio-mode. But Thanks for trying…

I have just the same configuration and everything works properly. The Motu Asio has some latency when starting to play (I don’t know why) so I use the MME.