WL7 plug-ins not loading with correct settings

Running WL7 (7.2.1 build 600) on Mac (10.6.8) and I have constant trouble with clip-based plug-ins in the montage. It doesn’t matter what the plug-ins are, the settings are not always saved. So the correct plug-ins load OK when opening the montage, in the correct order, but the settings are wrong. I’ve resorted to saving each plug with the clip name, and them I recall them manually. In addition, a recent DDP file did not render properly - all the ‘first’ plug-ins in the chain were missing. I only discovered this when I imported the DDP and compared it with the original montage. Without changing anything, I made a new DDP, and this time is was correct! Help.

What plugins are you using?

Hello PG,
Mainly Sonnox and Slate digital, but they all have the problem - ie all Sonnox (EQ, Dynamics, Surpressor etc) plus any other manufacturer. I’m only using VST, not VST3…

I don’t see an explanation for this. Just for testing, does the same happen with Steinberg’s supplied VST-3 plugins?


I’ll try that, I won’t be on that system for a couple of days.

I am having the exact same issue, (Running WL7 (7.2.1 build 600) but with OSX 10.8.2- particularly with Sonnox Oxford Limiter. However, the odd thing is a couple of settings will be correct and all the rest are at the default position.

I will try and test with Steinberg VST3 more extensively when I get a chance

Btw, I’m running Wavelab 32 bit

Hello again Philippe,
VST3 Steinberg plug-ins seem to load fine - so far.
However I don’t have VST3 versions of anything I use (Waves, Sonnox, Slate etc).
I assume that when saving a montage, all the plug-in settings should also be saved.
I notice that under the ‘preset’ heading in the effects section, with the Sonnox EQ for example, ‘default’ or ‘default 1’ appears, regardless of whether the plug-in setting has a saved name. If I click on the plug-in, ‘default’ changes to the plug-in’s saved name.
To clarify, I can load a plug-in, save the setting in the plugin’s own (‘save setting as…’) file system, and the plug-in displays that name. If I then close and re-open the session, the plug-ins will sometimes have the correct setting, but not the name - just ‘default’. This would be OK if reliable, but often the plug-in opens with no setting loaded.
This is true of Sonnox, Waves and Slate Digital plug-ins. Sadly, it seems random, and I can’t figure out if there is some sequence I’m following to cause this problem. I have also had instances of plug-ins changing settings while a session is open. For example, I complete work on ‘Clip 1’, move on to ‘Clip 2’, which has the same plug-ins loaded. Later, I discover that ‘Clip 2’ has the same settings as ‘Clip 1’, even though they were different. I wondered if I was changing the settings because the mouse focus was somehow wrong - ie was I scrolling parameters without seeing or realising. I don’t think so though. Any thoughts?

In your case, I could imagine focus issues. I advise you to edit a plugin, then to close it, rather than switching directly to another plugin.

BTW, WaveLab saves preset settings with a clip, not preset names.

OK, I’m certain it isn’t a mouse focus issue now. I just completed a session, saved & closed the montage, re-opened, and all the Sonnox EQ plug-ins loaded with no settings, ie just the default settings. The second plug-in in the chain opened with all settings correct. So there is definitely an issue with saving these settings. Please try this, if you have access to Sonnox, Slate or Waves plug-ins.

Hello Philippe,
I haven’t got any further with this issue. It’s a repeatable fault - all of these plug-ins (waves, sonnox, slate digital) exhibit the same problem. Do you have any suggestions?

I’m sorry about your problem. Unfortunatly I can’t reproduce it, neither my testers. Could you try on another system, to see if this is related to your system? (WaveLab not doing something correctly for whatever reason related to your system?).

I haven’t had a chance to try any other plugs as I had to move to another program to complete the project, but i can verify this behavior with Sonnox Oxford Limiter. It’s unpredictable- sometimes the settings will load, other times not…