WL7 reading material

Like many WaveLab 6 users, I upgraded to 7 without giving it a second thought, but then was surprised/disappointed to find so many changes and no manual. It’s an old debate now and I won’t rehearse it again - except to say that I’m still tripping over problems in 7 that I can’t solve on my own, the mouseover Help function is hopeless, the forums & the truncated WL7 “manual” are of limited use, and the video tutorials I downloaded don’t always answer my questions. For gods sake, PG, give us a manual next time.

Anyway, in the spirit of doing something about it rather than just crying about it, I’m looking for reading material, and have come across a book online titled WaveLab 7 Power by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth. It’s 400 pages long, so presumably quite comprehensive, but I can’t get much more of an idea what it’s like. Has anybody read it, or used it? Does it stand in OK for a manual - at least well enough to be worth dropping $40 on?

Hmmm. I bought that book, and while it is better than nothing unfortunately I have to say not by much.

By the sounds of things Wavelab 8 is on the doorstep, so you might be better off putting your $40 towards an upgrade including the highly anticipated decent manual!

The best thing would be, if WLab 8 is so easy to use like V6, that we don’t need a manual …

Great news… and now I see it’s been much discussed here already. I have to start haunting the forums more often! And very glad I didn’t buy that book. Roll on WL8.

I bought it for iPhone and it’s not so good in my opinion. Sorry. WL8 should be easier to learn if there is a full manual.