WL7 run slow on Win8 64-bit

My Wavelab 7 run very slow on Windows 8 64-bit. After click the WL icon, program works more than five minutes in background, before the acces. Not everytime, but often. Installation is proper, first 7.2.1 and after that patch for win8. I don’t know, is this important, but I have UAD-2 and TC Powercore in my DAW.
Is it known issue, and is there anybody with the same bad experience? Thanks!

Do you have the latest e-Licenser software installed? Is the USB-key connected to a dedicated USB2-port (not in a USB3 port and not via a hub)?

I had e-licenser v, and after upgade to ot seem to be ok!
This evening I tested all combination of sample rates. Problem persist only in situation when I close Cubase 7 and start running WL 7, but not every time, especialy when the Cubase project have different sample rate than Wavelab.