WL7 X64 not working in Win8 Release Preview

I’ve installed Win8 x64 release preview yesterday and though Cubase 6.51 x64 is working great, WL7 x64 is not, the installer crashes on Active X stuff and completes after that, but WL7 x64 crashes when trying to start
the 32bit version works fine though.

Trying both the installer and installed program with compatibility testing, does not solve the problem.

Anybody any thoughts? *

  • yes we all know Win8 is not out yet, but we need to test readiness and it seems WL7 x64 is not yet ready.

Can’t really understand how/why WL could possibly be “ready” for an OS that is not yet out. It’s not like it’s a huge priority to make it ready. The smart focus is on making sure it’s solid for us that are using those OS’s that “are” out.

FWIW: Can’t really see any point for the audio crowd to want to bother with Win 8 anyway - it brings nothing to the table for audio work and one whiff of Metro will be enough for most folks to leave well enough alone.


That’s precisely what betas and previews are about, so that things can be ready in time, other things being equal.

FWIW: Can’t really see any point for the audio crowd to want to bother with Win 8 anyway

In order to remain up to date and within full support is a reason to consider, at least once it’s stabilised. The Windows 95 crowd used to say the same about Windows NT, remember.


So - even tho WL7 is still a bit of a mess for some of us (perhaps a lot of us) - we should be okay with standing down and watching premium dev cycles go to waste so PG can “beta” test WL against an OS that no one has yet? That’s real good use of that time.

Given WL’s history - it took 4 years for WL to get reasonably compliant with Windows 7/Vista after being dialed into XP for so many years. And Win 8 is such a 360 in the UI department (and the underlying infrastructure) there is no way that WL7 will get anymore updates for the Win 8 release - which is expected to go to RTM in July.

PG himself has said the 7.21 is it for the WL7 series. So - whenever WL8 arrives (I am thinking months) will be the first taste of any sort of compliance with Win 8.

Win 8 is such a hodge podge disaster of a UI - I will be very surprised that it gains any traction whatsoever - it is being universally panned as the next “Vista” already. I tried it for several days and sorry - uninstalled it just as fast.

Windows 7 will be king for a long long time to come for those doing any kind of serious audio work - at least until Windows 9 appears and gets us back to reasonable basics with the UI.

I seriously cannot see anyone outside of confused consumers that were forced to get Win 8 with their new PC - having any use for it. Especially with Metro as the locked down default UI. There is no possibility of working efficiently in WL with that UI as default.


Win8 has several optimisations from win7 increasing audioperformance / daw performance with 15 / 25%
so it’s very compelling. also MS claims that most apps work, I’ve found 2 that don’t
WL7 x64 and Cakewalk UM1G drivers, for the rest everything works

Vocalpoint, if not interested in development you can just refrain from providing your view on the world.
WL7 x64 has directX compatibility issues under win8(the x86 version has not) this is important for PG to know so he can adjust,
every serious vendor should be concerned with win8 readyness

Not just audio work: a multinational company I know well, is just about to move from Win XP to Win 7 at the end of this year! That’s how well tested and tried new software, especially an OS, has to be for real work. Win 8 is developed primarily for tablets, and I certainly won’t need it for a long time. This, expecting that the next Cubase and Wavelab versions won’t ditch Win 7 as supported OS. My next phone though probably will be a Windows one…

Oh my! I sure hope PG reads this thread! :laughing:

If there is a compatibility issue, a patch will be released when Windows 8 is officially released.

Great, all i needed to know.

It is working for me. I didn’t do a fresh install of win8 though. I used the upgrade version. Wavelab 7 X32 and X64 both work.