WL8: De-linked files at launch always unlinked

Whenever WL8 loses track of the path to files in a Montage, it presents a dialog saying “Missing original files, select one or more”. No matter how I select the files, it loses track of them after save, meaning that I have to search files every single time. Worse: it can’t seem to identify the original files in sub directories even when that option is selected (I’m on a mac and spotlight is disabled for my audio drives - this may be related to both issues but especially this sub-directory search thing).

At any rate I’ve tried:
manually searching/linking the correct files in dialog box. Montage opens with empty boxes.
aborting, then relinking with control-click of the file. Save. Montage re-opens with the “missing original files” dialog, even though I’ve found/saved them from the timeline.

This is a real nuisance. Anyone else having this problem?

Note sure what you mean.
You mean, if you select a missing file from the dialog, then save the montage, then reopen the montage, the file is still missing?