WL8 E License transfer to dongle

Hi… I know did this back in Version 6e, can someone remind me how to take the serial numbered installed elicense and transfer it to my existing dongle. I have one dongle for Cubase 7, and I have another for WL 6e. I purchased the full WL8e so I want its license on my Cubase dongle, as they’ll share a machine in most cases. I will leave the WL6e dongle alone, its happy on my old xp box as a secondary workstation

Thanks. Looking forward to getting into WL8e this weekend! :smiley:

Have you activated Elements 8 yet? If not, just make sure your Cubase 7 dongle is in and recognized when you enter your WLe8 activation code. It should ask which e-Licenser you would like the license on. Select your Cubase 7 USB-eLicenser (not the soft-eLicenser).

If you have already downloaded the license to a soft-eLicenser, simply drag/drop from soft to USB.

Worked like a charm! :sunglasses: thanks Scabbie! :laughing: