WL8 Elements - empty window background

Is it possible to change this butt ugly background with the curved lines which look like
bad color banding in ‘File’ and ‘Montage’? The same is in the LE version. It wasn’t there in WL7 LE - looks cleaner.
I’m really asking myself if somebody is trying to make WL looking as cheap and dated as possible.
It is really beyond a question of taste.

I really like it. Much better than a boring grey flat square.

If you need such things to be not ‘bored’ you should ask yourself some questions. :wink:
At least it should be an option. Elements like that are just helpless attempts of ‘design’ IMO.

Well, who started this topic? I had to close everything to see what you meant… :sunglasses:

Yes, very bad that I want to start with a blank window instead of having the last production re-loaded.

When you work in WaveLab, this background is usually covered by some windows. Hence you don’t have it i front of your eyes often…

That could vice versa an argument to left it like it was … plain grey non-distracting. But some design buff must find something to change to the worse … :wink: