WL8 Elements Montage problem?

Odd thing happened. I imported a CD worth of nameless tracks (10) as a montage and opened the CD text window. I added the appropriate info (album name, track titles, etc.) and as I pressed the ‘burn’ button, I was told I cannot leave the CD text blank and the burn was not initiated. (But the tracks, the artist name, and album names were filled in.) I opened the CD text window and found that the album name had been changed to the first track name and the track names plus the artist were blank. Hm. So I started to correct this and found that by pressing the arrows on the right hand side of the open track name slot, the title would appear. (There was no recall option for the artist’s name, btw.)Again, pressing ‘burn’ I was told that same thing as earlier. So I checked the CD text and found the same thing had happened. OK, you get the idea. I unclicked the boxes that - if clicked - would add text to my CD. No difference, the same message appeared, no burn available.

But this was not the end of it. After a few attempts of trying to burn the CD with the same results, suddenly the track order had changed. I thought, OK, I’ll just drag things back to where they were, both at the montage title window first and then the tracks themselves… Hm, I could not move the tracks back to where they started using either method. I could move them, yes, but they (the tracks) were seemingly connected to each other such that if I moved one track by dragging it, I was moving three tracks. And still I was denied a CD burn process.

So what happened here? Is it not possible to import a CD of tracks and label them for a CD burn process? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hm. :cry:

I get the same thing. Something funny going on. Elements 8.0.4

After filling in the Album Title, Album Performer, Track 1 Performer, then autofilling all the Track Titles and Track Performer, then closing the CD Text window, and clicking the “check CD conformity” button on the CD tab. The message says “Error with CD-Text: the album and track title information is mandatory and may not be omitted”. Then on opening the CD Text window again, Album Title says Track 10, Album Performer says the performer I entered for the Tracks. But all the Track Titles and Track Performers are empty.

Didn’t have a problem reordering tracks using list drag and drop on the CD tab though.

Doesn’t seem to happen when doing the same thing with test files in a montage. Only on a CD import to montage, here anyway.