WL8_Insert all audio files in Montage into a batch process

I have used WL5 for many years. Because of many issues including OS migration, etc I am having to look at WL8.

WL5 does not work on Win-7, so I downloaded the demo version of WL8 (8.0.2)
I have figured out most of the items we use on a regular basis, but 1 is causing me issues and Now I am Frustrated :exclamation:
In WL5 after I created a Montage (using an AES31 export from Nuendo, of 24bit_44.1kHz files), adding markers using CD-Wizard, and burned client CD, we would use “Batch Process” to stick 16 bit copies of all client files on a server.

In WL5, All I had to do was open “Batch Process” click on the button “add file already open in wavelab” scroll down menu to “add all”. This would add all of the files in my open montage into a batch process. Set output file path, output format, and run !!!

In WL8, I cannot figure out how to “ADD ALL files open in montage”, the help doc says to open “Batch Process” window, click in the “Files to process” section, right click and select “insert all open audio files”, but this option is grayed out, I only see “insert audio files” this will not work for me because there are more wav files in the main projects folder than just the CD’s mixes, and they would end up in the process in alphabetical order instead of the montage order.

How can I recreate my WL5 routine in WL8 ???

I haven’t had a chance to scan the whole manual, but can this me made an automatic process after CD is pressed ??


In WaveLab 8, The “Add all” function only applies to audio files that are visually opened in WaveLab.
If a file is included in a montage and not open on its own in a tab, it is ignored. Hence what you observe.
Maybe you could open the folder that contains all your audio files and drag and drop them to the batch processor window? Not as immediate as your old workflow, but not bad either.

PG, that is a truly AWFUL idea.
Our product is short, 6-15 seconds for each cut, there are often 50-99 mixes per CD.
For me to have to identify, drag and drop would be SOOO time prohibitive.
Why would you change such a useful and basic function ???

It’s bad enough that WL5 does not allow for any open or save functions in Win-7
try to open something and poof the program disappears.

But now when I have to tell my boss that he will have to spend $500 in order to get LESS
functionality out of an upgrade !!!

Are you really telling me that there is no routine in WL8 to batch process the files that exist in a Montage ?
Is there some other way of turning an AES31.adl into a batch process ???


You have a workflow that I respect, but this is the first time I hear about it. If this function was changed, this is precisely because some users wanted just that: to insert all open waves, but not the one included in the montages.

Drag and drop… aren’t your montage files sorted in sub folders? Because then we’re talking about maybe a 10 second penalty, per CD, needed to drag and drop files, compared to what you did in WaveLab 5. No?

Not sure I understand what you mean. I have not kept up with the capabilities if Wavelab since we have been on WL5 for 10 years. If you could describe what you are talking about I would love to give it a try.
I import an adl from Nuendo with the cuts I need. I have not done anything with separate folders.


I must say your case is special. And I will certainly implement an explicit function "“Insert all audio files used by montage” in a future version.

For your present situation, I don’t have a miracle solution if you don’t control yourselves the input audio files.
What you could do, is to open the montage. From the “Files” tool window (the window that lists all audio files used by the montage), you could use the function “Reveal in Explorer/finder”. That would open the folder containing a specific file. Hopefully you will find all the files you need there. Then it’s just a matter of dragging these file from the Explorer/Finder window, till the Batch processor window.

That would be nice !!

Would the files end up in Montage order or alphabetical order ??


The file order in the batch processor, has no influence on processing.

If by ‘client files’ you mean the clips of the montage, I think as a workaround it may be easier to just render all montage clips to the 16 bit versions needed.

Yes, I mean that each clip in the montage corresponds to a “wav File” that was created in Nuendo. So the AES31 export from Nuendo imports into Wavelab the location of the correct mixes (files). These clips are named via 3 parameters. (in order of importance)

  1. Client
  2. Product’s Package Name
  3. Cut # within that package
  4. _x (x being the mix number)

Is there a single batch function that would render each mix (clip) in the montage, then move to the next clip, repeat…(100 times)?


I asked about clips being ‘files’ because clips can be a representation of a part of a file, i.e. not the whole file. If you have any number of clips in the montage and you want them to become 16 bit files, the render function will just do that - no need for a batch process. I’m not sure about the naming, but that’s surely easy to set up.

Brain - in case you haven’t noticed, you have a PM.


Yes !!!
Thank you !!!
I am looking into it now !!!
Be Back Soon.


So I seem to be able to get the same results if I

  1. import AES31
  2. CD wizard for markers
  3. press CD
  4. batch “Clip” rename
  5. Export-Render-multipeSources_Regions_CD-tracks_16bit files to server location

We use to be able to do the renaming and rendering in 1 step using batch process


Good! That’s what I suggested, actually… :wink:

Yep, You duh Man !!!