WL8 recording glitches

I was asked to transfer a 1965 performance of the Bach b-minor mass to CD this past weekend. The recording consists of two reel to reel tapes.

I am using the Steinberg Cl1 usb interface to get the signal from the tape machine to the computer.

I have done this countless times in WL7, and more than several times in WL8 without problems.

This weekend, I ran into problems with a glitch in the transferred audio. It sounds similar to the sort of artifact that occurs on faulty CD’s where there will be random pops, clicks, etc.

If it helps, I am running WL8 on an Asus G74S laptop, plenty of storage, 16 GB RAM, 64 bit Windows 7 Pro service pack 1. The Asus has a Core i7 quad core processor.

I chose to record both reels into one file, probably 2 or so hours of material recorded at standard 44/16 cd settings.

Since I was limited for time, I opened my copy of VegasPro 12 and re-digitized everything there without a problem, then opened the resulting file in WL8 Montage where I added markers and text, then burned the CD’s.

I’m guessing that length of the material would not be the problem, since WL supports Wave64 (and even earlier versions would complain about file size if I reached the limit), and my computer’s resources should be more than ample, so what is causing this problem? I’ve not experienced it ever before in any version of WL.

Thanks in advance for your help.


So what exactly is this ‘re-digitizing’ in Vegas? Why not record straight into the Wavelab 8 montage and finish there as well? Did the glitch occur in Vegas already?

BTW, it would add much to your quality if you’d record 24-bit files i.s.o. 16-bits. And I assume you do use the ASIO driver for the interface?

I think he’s trying to say that he re-captured the audio from the reels of tape using Vegas, as he didn’t have time to troubleshoot what the issue is when capturing audio with WL8.

I use a combo of Logic and Pro Tools to play/capture audio so I can’t comment on anything about how Wavelab records.

Correct jperkinski, I needed to get this material transfers, so reached for Vegas when WL gave me trouble.
For the same reason i captured at 44/16.
And, no, the problem did not occur in Vegas.
Thanks for the replies.

Any thoughts on why I might have experienced this problem and what I should try to isolate/correct it?

What ASIO buffer size do you have? Use a buffer size >= 512 samples.

Are you referring to the settings under VST Audio Connections?
If so, my settings are: Buffer Number 6, Buffer Size 16384.
Does that setting make sense?
I didn’t set it, that’s where it was when I opened the VST Audio Connections tab.


No, I mean, the ASIO Control Panel of your audio card.
Or are you using the MME driver?

This stuff used to be so simple for me. How do I check that variable for my audio card?

(Win7 pro)