WL9 pro crashing when inserting DMG Limitless VST2

WL9 seems to have severe problems with my limiters…

First I tried FabFilter Pro-L (VST2) - WL9 app crash just when inserting the plugin into the rig (global master bus)
Than I tried DMG Limitless (VST2) - same issue, WL9 crashing instantaneously, no chance to adjust anything.

What OS?

I have both of these running fine on Windows 7 Professional. Have you updated to the latest version of Limitless?

Maybe try Pro-L as VST 3? It runs fine here as well. I did 9 tracks with it (VST3) with no incident.

I think the VST2 crashing (at least for FabFilter) is from the side-chain issue I mentioned in the other thread. I can reproduce that on Mac with VST2 but VST3 is stable.

I also have no issues with the VST3 versions of FabFilter or DMG. I also wonder why some people prefer the VST2 over VST3.

Win 7 Pro 64
Limitless 1.03 (= latest version)

Ok, I’ll try again with FabFilter…

After “bending” my WIN 7 x64 it’s all working.
DMG Limitless as well as FabFilter Pro-L, both in VST2 and VST3 mode.

Made the Win changes not ‘scientifically’, canged two things at once.
(Switched to the Win surface with “visual styles” (“Aero”) that’s required for Nuendo + disabled “core parking” + assigned WL9 to CPU cores 3-8 (2-7) while Win was assigned to the first cores).