WL9 pro: rendering plug ins disables keyboard commands

been having this annoying bug ever since i started using WL9

setup: montage open, edit a clip in the montage with plug ins via “edit source”

after i render plug ins to the file and save it, and then switch back to the montage… all of my keyboard commands are disabled for a couple of minutes. transport commands, save, etc… (i haven’t tried EVERY single one)…

keyboard commands are not affected while i stay in that edited file, only when i switch back to the montage

but after about one or two minutes keyboard control comes back and everything is fine.

does this happen to anyone else?

I can’t say this has ever happened here. I’m not sure what would cause something like this.

What OS and computer specs?

Maybe the main window is not in focus anymore?

i’ll double check that… but i even click at various places on the Montage time line and hit the space bar to play and it won’t play…

i have to use the transport buttons at the bottom…

i assume if i’m actually clicking in the montage to change playback cursor then the window would be in focus… but maybe not?