WL9 - Project / Master Section Presets


i´m still on WL8.5, but started to test WL9.
I have a question regarding the Master Section Presets:
In WL8.5 there was an option to save Master Section relative to the Master Project, so it had the same Root Folder.
I find that handy since i have all data together for Backups.
Is this option not existent any more?

PS: I don´t want to save the Master Section Presets with the Montage or Audio File, since in my Workflow i line up all Songs in a Montage and process one after the other individually and differently through a plugin / external chain and record one by one.
So best for me is to stay in the same Montage, but selecting the presets for each Song in the Master Section.


This option does not exist anymore. However, this could evolve.
This being said, you still have the option to save the preset explicitly where you like.

Thanks PG.
In the Demo 9.0.2 in Mac OS 10.10.5 i can just safe it into the root preset folder,
but not where I want it to. It’s not possible to select a different folder. Seems to be a bug.

The Idea to have one project file, and all parts somehow depend or relate to it - that’s a great idea.
I just think then also the preset should also be relative to it and also show up in the project manager
The optimal solution would be that all parts (projects,montages, presets, etc) are saved separately as they are now,
but that I can also just open a project directly to Wavelab and open montages and all the stuff from the project manager, I.e. that I can open / start Wavelab by opening the project file via the Finder. that would be conherent.