WL9E Multiple Audio File's Markers To Same Audio Montage

I know in Waveslab Elements/Pro 8 there was an option to transcribe Audio File’s markers into an audio montage. I have been attempting to attempt the same process in Wavelab Elements 9 but have gotten no results. I have attempted to import the files directly after saving markers but have gotten no results. I have also tried rendering the files and including the option to “Copy Markers” but that has not worked either.

I understand there is the option to import markers when creating a new audio montage from a selected clip, but I don’t wish to make a new montage every time. It just seems like their no real option or the feature is not included in Elements 9. I attempted searching the manual for both Wavelab 9 Pro and Elements for something on this topic, but doesn’t contain anything on the matter. What’s the deal? Am I just missing something?

From the Tool Windows menu:
Import Markers from Active Clip’s Audio File to Audio Montage

Actually that’s for Pro, so I seem to be mistaken about Elements, sorry. I’m not seeing the Import Markers command in Elements 9.

However I’m not seeing that command in Elements 8 either. Are you sure there was a way to do it in Elements 8?

In WL8 it can be accessed using the following:

Markers>Functions>Transcribe markers from focused clip’s Audio File to Audio Montage

Still there (pro), but the name has changed:

That’s good for pro users but what about for Elements users? If rendering markers doesn’t work, how can I accomplish using multiple markers from multiple tracks in the same montage?