WL9Pro crash in rendering and decoding audio in montages

Rendering multiple regions as mp3s, and creating a montage from resultant files causes a conflict that locks up the system with no way to resolve besides force quitting it. the lockup is between decoding the audio data progress bar and ‘create from template’ box. can not select any button in either bar/box. If backup.mon is autosaved every X regardless of any changes to the original montage, this lock-up stops that as well. WLP9, X.9.5.

I tried to reproduce this but I’m not sure how you get to that “Create From Template” page. Maybe it’s because I have defined a default template in the preferences but maybe some slightly clearly info on all your steps would help.

the lockup is between decoding the audio data progress bar and ‘create from template’ box

Do you mean the montage template contains mp3 files?

I think it’s the same hang as this:
although it hung at 1% on Windows, and I could apparently click the Cancel button on the little Decoding window I think. But I think I remember not being able to click anything on the big Create from Template (Audio Montage) window, as in this case.

Yes, it’s along the same lines as what bob99 / Justin have reported. Bob99, apologies for not searching and adding to your thread. You’re clearly on it faster than me!

@Justin - I did a couple of tests this morning in attempt to recreate the issue. I could not do so. Of course, I have little interest in wasting anyone’s time, so hopefully this issue will still be considered a legitimate bug and the powers that be will take it from here.

@PG in this thread - yes.

@PG in the thread bob99 linked to - if it’s not supported, why allow it in the first place? Would it not be prudent to add a warning box that rendering as lossy files and trying to open/decode them automatically after render will lock up the app and cause you to lose any unsaved data in any open file or montage? Or even better, how about supporting it? I’m not trying to be polemic or rhetorical, these are questions I hope you’ll respond to in full. At least more responsive than saying “indeed, not supported” or how you’ve responded thus far to the inquiries and requests for SRC improvements and configurability.

if it’s not supported, why allow it in the first place?

This is supported. But this feature makes sense for standard high resolution files, not for encoded files (embedding audio files in a template, is to have reference files). Hence this was never tested.
This being said, I have noted to check this issue.

Same issue here. If I am creating MP3 files and forget to uncheck “Create audio montage from result” then I get a lock up which only a force quit will solve.