WLab Elements Need Your Purchase Advice ASAP

Using Cubase 10

Thinking about Wave Lab Elements on sale, but, read one of your posts that it isn’t really worth it unless you get Wave Lab Pro? Want to make CD, YouTube, DVD but I am not a professional. Heard one say from your forum unless it’s Pro – it’s not worth it!?

Appreciate your thoughts! Need advice ASAP because it’s on sale until Feb 18th.

I would just buy it and then consider upgrading to Pro later if you want. How do you burn CD now? Seems to me Elements would be worth it just having CD burning integrated, but there’s a lot of other stuff in there too, like the built in plugins, metering, and utilities. You could trial it before the 18th.

Personally I think WaveLab Element 9.5 offers incredible value for anyone involved in audio. Although I have Pro, I also have Elements on two of my laptops! At the current sale price, I think it’s a no-brainer.

Based on bob99 and MrSoundman advice, I decided to buy it. I won’t know anything else until I get a song finished to try it out.

Thanks for your advice.


It was probably me that said that. However, it is 40% off right now so even I bought it. For that price, I think it is worth it. For the few things I may need that elements can’t do such as spectrum editing, I use Audacity for that which is free. Also, as someone else mentioned, if you get Elements now at the reduced price, you can upgrade to Pro later and it will be cheaper.

Good to know! Thank you.