Hello - here are the most recent (3) WaveLab Elements 9 - generated reports

Since purchasing and installing WLE 9, no work session survives longer than editing (1) audio file before a crash:

  • I load an audio file and edit it, then save it and close the edited audio file
  • A second audio file is selected in the WLE 9 browser, I click on the “Open” button at the bottom of the browser and WLE 9 will CRASH every time
  • Additional circumstances cause WLE 9 to crash; it does not matter if I’m working in the Editor or the Montage windows; but the events described above will cause it to crash every time.

The computer details are all in the WaveLab-generated reports
Also, this Windows 10 Pro operating system is a clean install and only the OS background processes are running, no other application. I do not save to a network; files are saved to a separate local drive partition for digital files. The crashing started during my 1st work session, so I changed the save-to location to the default Windows music library folder but that did not make a difference.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank You
WaveLabElements9_error_report_160620-192912.zip (1.91 MB)
WaveLabElements9_error_report_160620-190720.zip (1.96 MB)
WaveLabElements9_error_report_160620-183255.zip (1.97 MB)

Hello to Steinberg and Clients -

Getting back to this issue of crashing, couple points:

  1. Excellent follow-up by Steinberg (Philippe); he communicated back after each crash report and ultimately suggested I purchase the USB-eLicenser and transfer the license to it. SOLUTION WORKED. Damn Dongle is valuable now.
  2. WL 9 is a re-engineered version that I find is vastly improved over anything previously released
  3. BEST OUTCOME: I went and got the full WL 9 Pro version, installed it and find the software more than expected

After a solid work session, I sent a completed audio track to the musician and received 3 additional projects to work on; the application is remarkable for mixing down separate tracks made up of several clips each with a number of filters applied.

More than anything, I had a lot of fun. Didn’t feel usual effects after a 12hr session because the workflow was consistent and without any glitches. Until the sun came up and had to muscle-out a full day in the lab. (protein chemist)

So - Thanks for listening and Thanks Again to Philippe… especially for over-looking all my bitching and moaning.


PS: If anyone is just getting started with WaveLab - as a newcomer to audio editing and mastering - become familiar with the key principles and develop a basic set of core capabilities. You’ll know when WL is working for you: the workflow (‘what the hell do I do now’) is predictable and the endpoint simply unfolds. (RENDER IT!)

Nice. I witch and moan more than anyone, but I really do appreciate how great Wavelab is, and how great Philippe is.

Hey Bob - thanks for the comment. Interestingly, when I clicked on ‘submit’ to post my comments, the word witch was inserted and the term I used magically disappeared.
All things considered, think about it - since WL 9, all the witching has slowed down considerably.