WLE: automated Exporting of many Marker Regions or Clips in one go

I would like to export several regions of my voiceover file as clips (automatically named).
Since there are many of them I would love to export them all at once.

However, I could not find any way to do this.

I created regions, named them. Now I’m able to select single regions for export. Could not find any way to render all clips automated. There are more than 30 regions so automation would be highly appreciated.
Tried AudioMontage and Clip splitting into regions - this worked so far, however, the same problem. It is not possible to save all the clips in one go. I only see the option for one clip at a time…

Wavelab Elements seems so well thought out. What did I overlook? Thanks for your help

I’m using Wavelab Elements 9.5

That’s only available in Wavelab Pro.