WLE to WL Upgrade USB-eLicenser Inquiry


I upgraded my WLE to WL and noticed that WL requires an USB-eLicenser. Do you know if this USB token is provided with the upgrade? I only obtained WL as a software download but it is unclear whether the USB token is provided with the upgrade or must be purchased separately.



Indeed, you need a hardware stick. Please ask your distributor or the official support about this topic.

Hi PG,

It is quite difficult to accomplish what you say. :neutral_face:

I tried to contact the distributor at the official support e-mail steinberg-support.cz.sk@email.cz but the e-mail bounced back because their mailbox was full.

So I tried to contact asknet Customer Service and I asked them about the dongle and they replied with an activation code (see below).


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Response Via Email (CS - > removed> ) 10/10/2013 07.53 PM
Dear Tomas,

Thank you for contacting asknet Customer Service.

I have resent the original order confirmation to > removed> . Your license key is > removed> .

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

asknet Customer Service
Customer By Email (Tomas Zahradnicky) 10/10/2013 06.25 PM
Hello I have today purchased a copy of Steinberg WaveLab. This copy however requires an eLicrnser dongle. Will I receive a dongle by postal mail or I have to purhase one if the software was delivered electronically. Thank you. Tomas Zahradnicky

Anyway the answer is simple: you need to purchase a physical stick, if you don’t have one. It cost 5 or 10$ (?) and can be used for multiple Steinberg softwares. You can find this is most music shop I guess, or certainly on the internet.

Sure, I’ll purchase. Anyway, Steinberg should tell upgrading users that the stick is not provided.