WLE8 keeps asking me to change sample rate

Right ,im getting rather ticked off with this .

I am running an Rme FF800 with an RME Adi 8 pro ,both sample rates are set to 48khz . I have recorded my samples into wavelab elements at 48Khz but every time i go to play them back i keep getting a message saying Wavelab could not change my device to 44.1khz as it’s in slave mode . I don’t want it in 44.1khz i want it in 48khz , exactly what i recorded the samples in .

Sorry to sound rude but every day it’s something new with Steinberg stuff , you try to get things done and then you encounter another SHOWSTOPPING problem .

Any help on this would be gratefully received and thanks in advance

Have you checked to see what the ‘clock source’ is on your FF (as opposed to what sample rates are set to)?

ADAT optical and SPDIF input generally operate simultaneously with RMEs. The FF has to be told which one of the signals is the sync reference.

If your clock source is SPDIF for example, and this is connected to a device (not WL) that is sending valid signal at 44.1, the FF will default to that. In that case WL would be sending a message like that.

Try ASIO, if you are using WDM now.

Hope this helps.

Hi Paul
I have no Spdif units on at the moment . everything runs fine in 48khz until i open up WLe and it tries to change the sample rate to 44.1 . Im on lock down here , i haven’t be able to do anything with these samples for the last 2 days . Very annoying .

here’s a screen shot and as you can see in Red on the FF setup where WLe has changed to sample rate to 44.1

Ok ,after fapping about again , as the warning label says WLe can not control the ADI pro so it see’s the FF as 44.1khz even thou it’s set to 48khz and the only way around this is to use the internal clock of the FF instead . Strange when you think the samples were recorded from the Adi with the FF on slave .

Ok … interesting. At least it’s up and running.

FWIW, my gut feeling is that the issue lies somewhere in the settings for the RMEs. If you are using them in conjunction, perhaps one needs to be set as slave. Otherwise, you have clocks running in competition?

That screenshot looks a lot like the example shown on page 18 of this manual http://www.rme-audio.de/download/fface800_e.pdf

I have no direct experience with the ADi 8 Pro unit (or the FF for that matter). But this is interesting and I had a quick look at the online manual for that unit.

It does ‘warn’ that: 'the D/A key has priority. In case an allowed combination can’t be set simply press the D/A key, set A/D as desired, and set D/A back to its last state.

The Lock state of the ADI-8 PRO is indicated by a blinking (error) or constantly lit (Ok)EXT. or INPUT LED in the Clock section.’

Good luck.