WLE9 pops up with uninstall? query as I start Win7 - fixed!

Odd thing for sure. I start my PC and the start window of WLE9 pops up along with an app roaming folder with WLE9 info. I can’t clear the WLE9 start window so I click ‘start new session’. Then a new window pops up asking if I really want to uninstall WLE9? I say ‘no’, and then WLE9 opens. Help.

Always even if you reboot? If yes, I would recommend to say “yes”. Then to reboot. Then to reinstall.

PG, I did as you suggested - and the same thing happens - no change. Should I remove WLE8, is this a problem?

…more… :confused:

When I uninstall WLE9 and then restart my PC, the WLE9 uninstall window pops up again after login - (but WLE9 is not installed). As I click on ‘YES’, uninstall the program, the window then tells me that the program does not exist.

Should I remove WLE8, is this a problem?

No, this can’t interact. That was a different installer system.

Please make a screen shot of the window you see, when you start WaveLab.

Hm, now there is a twist. As I log into Win7, the WLE9 program opens automatically - along with the user roaming folder and the uninstall window UNDERNEATH the program.

Eh, now the program opens automatically and the uninstall window is on top of the program. (See pic)

PG, I here recently saw the available download of the latest WLE9 on the site and thought, eh, why not, I would uninstall WLE9 and try to load the original version, restart, and then update and restart. Well, the first version creates the same problem that the update creates on restart. So I updated the software and see that the same cycle continues - no joy. So both versions are creating this cycle on my PC. And actually, it seems my PC does not like the process of installing the newer version over the older version as I find all my settings are lost on restarting the program.

What puzzles me is why no one else is reporting this? Am I the only person using WLE9 with Win7?

Somehow, the installer has created wrong registry stuff. This has to be identified and removed.
WaveLab 9 installer is based on Microsoft “msi”. Try a utilisty such as:
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

(search google)

No joy there, PG. It asked if I wanted to uninstall the program and I directed it to explore other options. The screen shot is the result.

And then more screen shots as I pursued the suggested uninstall of WLE9. PG, I’m confused? How is it that a MS program - that only suggests to uninstall a problem program - would be able to fix a registry problem? When I install the program again, won’t the same problems exist?

Try using System Restore, to ‘refresh’ your pc to a pre-WL9 state.

Yeah, of course this is an option. And maybe my only one. Not to mention the fact that I cannot use WLE9. I never thought I’d see the day when software that I trusted would create a looping startup bug in my registry. Even uninstalling it and all the app roaming data and other files that I can find I still get the ‘Do you want to uninstall…?’ message at startup. Lesson learned I suppose, but I would be much happier to fix the bad registry entry. PG?

If you can’t to a registry restore, you could try to cleanup by hand:

For WaveLab Elements 9 32 bit, the installation key is:

For WaveLab Elements 9 64 bit, the installation key is:

With a registry utility, you could search for all entries with this key, and erase them.
And same thing for anything that contains the string “WaveLab Elements 9”

PG, thanks for this - however deleting the registry entry for WLE9 (64bit, I did not find any entry for 32bit which seems correct because I only loaded the 64bit version) didn’t change anything. All my related files are removed as well, nothing shows up under any MS Search. This has to be something that has locked onto my Win7 startup process. What other link could there be within the registry?

To all, PG PM’d me with more than a few ideas to solve my startup problem. He suggested msconfig and it turned out that this was the solution, two items found within the Startup tab. There were two added items to my Win7 Startup that involved WLE9. I unchecked these two items and my DAW is behaving normally again. For some reason, uninstalling the program (WLE9) did not remove these two paths from Win7’s startup configuration. It is all rather odd but I’m just happy to have things back to where they were.

So now I await the revamped WLE9 and return to WLE8.

OK… :stuck_out_tongue:

At PG’s recommendation I reinstalled WLE9. This was after unchecking all my bad entry file paths pertaining to WLE9 in my msconfig Startup tab as stated in my earlier posts.

So today I loaded WLE9 (first version) and then installed the latest update - and - everything seems to be working fine. WLE9 does not load on Win7 startup (as it did), I do not have the Win7 window pop up (as I did) that asks 'do I want to uninstall this program?, and I do not have the WLE9 App Data Roaming folder pop up (as I did) when I first installed the program. After three DAW restarts, everything seems fine.

I am perplexed as to why this happened on my first go round but I am happy to be using WLE9 so I will be quiet. Ah, the mysteries of ones and zeros I guess. Thank you PG. :smiley: