WLL equivalent of "all regions" for montage export

just discovered some confusion trying to export individual track files from a montage… WL 10 (and 9) had “all regions” “CD tracks” as an option for montage export, but that’s gone in WL 11 and trying to find the equivalent… ? help!

oh, i think i found it… “all marked regions” … seems to do the trick

Yes, a small wording change but I’m not sure why. Maybe @PG1 can explain.

just took me a few reads through the list to find it! now my preset has been updated i’ll never really need to look at the list again :slight_smile:

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Yes. The only thing I look at when rendering is the Render Preset, and the Render Path which is all in the Render Ribbon Tab which can easily be opened with a shortcut, and the render can be started with a shortcut too.

Also, in the Render Presets menu, Render Presets can be called up with a keyboard shortcut too. Whatever the underlined character is is the keyboard shortcut to load it.