wma on mac

newcomer question …
i am using a mac after being a wavelab user on the pc for long.

i was hoping to be able to save wma.s from wavelab as in pc when requested, which is my situation.
but as far as i saw there’s no option in wavelab 7 for mac to save as wma.

any info, advise on this ?


wma is microsoft, and this is not available on the mac.

There are a couple utilities that support this… e.g.:

That’s for reading, not for writing.
You can install that’s stuff, and if you rename your files to some Quicktime file extension WaveLab recognizes, then you might be able to import that in WaveLab.

Thx Daved, seen it and guess i’ll have to get it.

Thx PG, it’s bit weird when looked from the consumer side
I need it (like now), someone is selling it for mac (like eg Music Man), Steinberg has already got it on PC version
Why take out for mac? A funny legal issue or sth maybe, thx anyway

Actually, you’re the first person to ask :wink:
WMA is typical Windows stuff. When you want to be crossplatform, MP3 makes more sense.

I don’t know about the technicalities of .wma codecs on the Mac, but I think the argument for .mp3 doesn’t hold. If a client wants .wma then it must be delivered…

Luck, Arjan

Then you must use a Windows software. There is no such possibility on the Mac, AFAIK.


Try with “Audacity” as a work around for now

regards S-EH

Or you might do a Google search on “wav to wma for mac”, so you can just use a converter.

Luck, Arjan

You can use Flip4Mac in order to convert to wma. It’s a Quicktime plugin and is available in different versions (but not all of them export to wma, be careful).

General information:


Supported Codecs: