Woah - There's already a Cubase 7 tutorial

Wow, that was fast. MacProVideo just posted a 53-video course on Cubase 7 yesterday. It’s done by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth, who also did their Cubase 5 and 6 courses. He’s really good. I’ll be checking these vids out in a couple months once I upgrade.

EDIT: Here’s a free sample video from the course, about the VST Connect SE feature.

Nice :sunglasses:

I’ve bought a few of their other tutorials for some other non-Cubase related software and I gotta say these guys really have a knack for making very indepth power user stuff easy to understand!

The previews look good.

Do you know if they’ve made the downloadable copy of what you buy available for PC yet? Last time I looked it was Mac only. I don’t want to ‘stream’ over the internet when I’m watching 4 hours of material.

I’ve only ever done streaming, but there does indeed appear to be a Windows-based way to download their videos. Here’s the Windows portion of their FAQ.

(They seem to have realized that Windows users make up a large part of their user base, and in fact several of the tutorials I’ve watched there give both Mac and Windows-specific instructions where applicable.)

I have two PCs at my desk; one for Internet and one for music, and I use Synergy to share the keyboard and mouse between them. I stream the tutorials on my Internet PC while I’ve got my DAW open on the music PC. Their streaming browser lets you save favorites/bookmarks, so that’s how I keep track of where I left off, since I never have more than an hour or two at a time to do this stuff. I also pause a lot to try what they’re doing in the videos, so it takes me quite a while to get through these things. :slight_smile:

BTW: ClubCubase on YouTube has started uploading Cubase 7-specific videos as well.

Excellent - I’ll check it’s Windows 7 64 bit compatible. I remember there was a ‘petition’ for a 64 bit version on their forum a month or so ago but there didn’t seem any likelyhood it was going to occur.

I’ll have another look.

Thanks for the info - and I’ll check the YouTube ones too seeing as they’re free.

Just had a quick look at their home page and it states only streaming for windows.

Oh well. YouTube it is then.

I dunno, man. I just downloaded and installed their Windows offline tutorial viewer.

I am a streaming subscriber, so I don’t have any downloads in my account to test on it. But it does look like Windows offline is supported. Worth checking with them directly if you’re interested. (Like is it class-by-class, or across the board, etc.)

Excellent news - looks a good choice once out of beta. I can wait until a first release is available and have another look. At the moment, it seems from their main NED page (as shown earlier), that it’s not Windows supported yet.


But, as you suggest, something to look forward to after beta testing completes.


The same video tutorials can be found on the website askvideo.com. you have to subscribe to be able to see them of course. Third possibility: an android app (also askvideo) containing the tutorials. Prize is 7,77 euro. I’m going that route.

Aloha guys,

I ordered the download version ($19.00 usd) and just went thru it.
Matt is a killer teacher.

The chapter about the new audio routing path in C7
(vs C6) alone makes it worth getting.

It would have taken me a while to figure that one out.

For 19 bucks I really recommend getting it.

I am now going thru the Cubase on-line tuts.

You can save 20% on the download (get it for $15.60) by going through the link towards the bottom of this page:

Note that the “HD Download” is actually lower quality (960 x 540) than the streaming version (1280 X 720) on the PC via their NED player. So watch the streaming version instead of downloading it (you can do both when you buy the download). I complained about the that here:

BTW - I thought the videos were an excellent crash course on all the new C7 functionality!

OK - I bit the bullet and installed it despite it being in Beta. But it doesn’t work. I want a method of watching the movies away from the internet or streaming. But once NED is installed and running it just asks me to Log-In - it doesn’t allow me to do anything unless I’m connected to the internet. Hmmm. Not what I wanted. Maybe it’s because it’s still in Beta.

I am curious- if you ARE connected to the internet does it let you watch the downloaded videos?

Sorry - I didn’t get that far. I was asked to Log-In so I uninstalled it. I was looking for a method to watch the movies Off-Line.

Despite my problems with the system, I must say the demo movies I have watched on the website do look good.