Wobbles in Prologue

Hi all,

I’m very new to using both Cubase and Prologue and I’m actually doing mostly orchestral stuff, but I’ve been interested in the agressive basses used extensively in dubstep. I’ve figured out how to make the “wobble” sound syncing the LFO to MIDI and routing it to the filters but my sounds tend to sound a bit “weak and flimsy”. Does anyone have any links to tutorials on using Prologue to create this sound? I’m after the harder edged “Massive” sounds for which there are hundreds of tutorials, is Prologue simply not aggressive enough? Or am I doing something wrong?
I don’t have the synth available at the moment (I’m in work) but from memory it was simply a case of selecting a sawtooth for each osc, detuning them slightly, selecting an LP filter, routing the LFO to the filter cut off and wobbling away.

Is there a step I’ve missed? Thank you in advance.

Not sure how useful this is, but have a look at this edition of ‘tips and tricks’:


I wasn’t sure before replying (never used Prologue) so I did quick test and it can be done, although Prologue would not be my weapon of choice (only) because of the ‘sound’ of the distortion, the lack of resonance on the filter and the lack of possibility to re-route or mix the oscillators thru filters or effects (the sub around the distortion for instance).

To make it aggressive, you can try using a combination of distortion and Prologues main volume to make it clip (don’t be too neat if you want it to sound aggressive).
You can solely do it in Prologue, but like I said Prologues distortion (on the low end) isn’t all that. Of course you can solve that by layering the sound with a plain sinus and EQ the low end out of the melody layer.

When you have Cubase 6.5 I would also take a look at Retrologue, personally I find it a bit fatter and the overdrive sounds better on the low end. Big downside is, the free LFO run doesn’t sync on every key so you have to use a synced LFO to overcome unpredictable runs.

Thanks very much for the responses !