Wobbly sounds when using Audio Warp / Musical Mode


I’m trying to find a way to make the Quantize Audio function usable in Cubase 11.

It’s unrivaled for everything else as a DAW in my opinion, but this made me so frustrated that I’ve been starting to investigate other options.

If I record a very simple strummed guitar part, every time I activate Musical Mode the audio file starts having a weird wobbly sound, even before I activate Free Warp, and even more after I drag the markers around, even if for small amounts.

I read several posts and watched videos on YouTube but I can’t seem to find a way around it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Strange… If you enable Musical Mode nothing should be happening as long as you have the Tempo set correctly in the Media Pool. Please check that! The tempo should correspond to your Project Tempo. I have AGtr1 set to 120 in the screenshot which is the same as my Project Tempo. Toggling Musical mode doesn’t make any audible difference. Unfortunately that’s all I can think of:

Oh yeah… and best start with Algorithm elastique Pro - Time

Hi Blademan, I checked and the tempo corresponds, but the warble is still there. I’ll email support and see what they say.


Actually the Tempo set in the Pool should correspond to the Tempo that the Audio was recorded at. Often this will be the same as the Project’s Tempo, but not always.

But @Blademan is correct, merely enabling Musical Mode should not change the audio at all. Something else is at play here.