Woeful customer service

So I upgraded to 12 during the promotional deal and received the download code. Sadly it doesn’t work.

I contacted Steinberg and revived a Support ticket.

That was 11 days ago!

I sent a further reminder email 2 days ago.

Still nothing.

This comes on top of previous woeful customer service where my UR242 stopped receiving and transmitting MIDI streams. I was running Cubase 8.5 at the time. Steinberg passed the buck by saying that this version of Cubase wasn’t supported any longer. I responded saying that it was a hardware issue with the UR242. That wasn’t enough. Still a response to say version 8 wasn’t supported any longer.

This is totally unacceptable.

I’ve reached the stage where I’ll take the hit now and move to Logic. And I’d urge others to do the same. I have never dealt with a company so unprofessional.


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When did you do this?
The current version is Cubase 12, so what did you do with your download code?

Well, how do you know that it is a hardware issue of the UR242 and not something else in your hardware, or some drivers, or even with Cubase 8.5? What did you do to test it?

Which is the normal behaviour of all software vendors when a product is out of support, this would clearly be different if you are running a Cubase release that is in the support range.

I understand your frustration but this is simply how the software world works. Out of support means you do not get any help anymore, from all vendors.

Yes - out of support applies to the software - not the hardware.

I specifically moved to a Steinberg/Yamaha io device the UR242 because other devices did not update drivers when Apple updated their os.

Overnight the UR242 stopped working. There were no automatic updates to the Mac OS because I had disabled them. I did this because I had a system that worked perfectly and wanted to keep it that way.

First off, the audio outputs stopped working but the MIDI was fine. I managed to rectify this but then the MIDI stopped working and the audio was fine.

I’ve played about with every variable in Cubase’s and the Mac’s audio settings and can’t resolve it.

So upgraded to 12 (sorry I got this wrong by earlier stating it was 11).

But I can’t check this when I can’t even download the feckin’ thing.

Steinberg ignoring my cry for help is inexcusable. I’ve spent a pretty penny with them over the years so I expect some level of allegiance. Sadly this is lacking.

As a consumer, I’m sure you’ll appreciate my despair. At least with Logic, since it is Apple designed, I can be assured it’ll work. Meantime, I’ll get rid of the UR242 and advise others to avoid Steinberg.

Did you test the UR242 with a different computer? Otherwise these tests still might not include errors in your machine.

So what is stopping you from download? The Download Assistant has the software, regardless if you enter a code or not.

I strongly doubt this.

It is your decision to do so, I personally wouldn’t go that route just out of some frustration.

I own a UR22 MK II & it’s a very painful experience on a MAC. I bought it primarily for use with the iPad & it works fine there, but on the MAC it’s always been terrible with dropouts & pauses. Installing the driver is a ridiculous procedure & MACOS regularly reminds me with a pop up message that this outdated driver method will be unsupported in the future.

I would never buy another steinberg/Yamaha interface & already dissuade people from doing so. My 10 year old Focusrite 18i20 MK1 works perfectly with Ventura & didn’t require disabling SIP to install a driver.

It’s a shame because the UR22 is decent well built hardware, but unusable because they won’t invest in making it work correctly.

Apple did some severe changes in the way drivers are installed in MacOS, that requires basically a complete change in the driver architecture.

They do support it and they are actively working on solving the issues with MacOS

Apple made these changes many/3+ years ago(?) plus they would have known about it much earlier in the beta stages, Yamaha did nothing about it for years, how much longer until it is solved & reliable? I have no faith or interest in ‘hoping’ it will be fixed & the frustration it causes in the meantime.

This is the trouble with Steinberg/Yamaha, they are perfectly happy to leave consumers for years dealing with problems they should address. It’s insulting & leads to a loss in loyalty. Whatever reasons they or you think this timescale is acceptable doesn’t change the fact it has a negative impact for them & consumers. I really like steinberg products but the overall disregard of even sometimes decade old issues is appalling. I am forced to deal with it in the case of Cubase because I use it, but in terms of hardware there are plenty of companies that manage to provide working current drivers for the products they actively sell. How many years was iOS Cubase Remote broken & wouldn’t even load, my guess is 4 years & they charged for it all through that time & zero acknowledgment there was even a problem. Completely unacceptable.

A year ago I was trying to solve the UR issues, a whole year later & a multi-national corporation with all of its resources still don’t have a working solution. I have RME & focusrite products long out of service that are supported & work fine.

Sorry, but I just wanted to help you with a link to a new driver. I don’t care about Apple, I avoid it at all. So no need to start ranting at me, it is not my problem.


I didn’t rant at you, my frustration is with Yamaha, thanks for the link but I’m already aware of it.

I posted here to commiserate with the OP as I’ve shared the same frustrating experience. As far as Apple, when searching for solutions I noticed that Windows users abundantly also had serious issues with the URs too, so I think it’s more down to corporate spending decisions than an OS issue. The moral of the story is invest in a company that cares about its hardware working.

The main problem for me is that I cannot download v. 12 to test whether this “unblocks” the UR242. Steinberg has my money but is ignoring my requests for help.

To the user who suggests that a download code is not required, well yes it is. The download centre requires the code to proceed.

In the past I used a state of the art Focusite io. Loved it. And then Apple updated their OS. Focusite refused to update their drivers so it ended up that the IO was a dead piece of meat.

I then went to the Steinberg/Yamaha IO with the belief that, were I to keep the Mac OS at it’s current state and not do any updates, I’d have a system that would work totally.

So for the user who suggests that I check all my Mac and Cubase settings, yes I did and, yes I did not have to as there were no changes from day 1 to day 2 on either the Mac OS or the UR242 drivers.

So that leaves me with my main frustration. I’ve paid for a product that I cannot get. These guys need to be taken over the rails for this. I’ve a studio sitting totally fecked. I’ve clients that I’m having to turn away because I can’t record anything. I’ve a software/hardware manufacturer that won’t reply to my requests for help.

What would you do? I can’t stop the payment as it was done through debit card.

So I’m left with no alternative to migrating to Logic.

I remember in the 90’s I bought a state of the art PC to do HD recording. Every recording had audio glitches in it. When I contacted Steinberg (back then we were dial-up) they suggested the sound card was the problem. So I changed it. Same glitches. They blamed the mother board. So I changed this too. Same problem. It went round in a circle with one blaming the other.

Eventually one tech guy said, buy a Mac. So I did. All worked perfectly until this shower of sh*t.

Steinberg, get your house in order.

Did you install the Steinberg Download Assistant?
It doesn’t require any codes to download the software. Cubase will run in trial mode until a valid license is put in the Steinberg Activation Manager. The Activation Manager is included in the Download Assistant install.

Whilst Cubase is a wonderful product… Steinberg is not.

I upgraded to v. 12 online, paid the money, received the download code. It doesn’t work and I cannot download my upgrade.

I’ve contacted Steinberg 3 times about the issue starting on the 7th April. Guess what? No reply whatsoever.

They suggest 3 days to get a reply. A month later and I still don’t get a reply.

I’ve referred this to my legal team.

So for new users, I’d suggest you avoid Cubase. As I’ve said, it is a wonderful product but you’d be better sticking with a worldwide company’s product such as Apple’s Nuendo simply because you’ll be guaranteed of decent customer service should you need it.

Such a shame for a wonderful product…

Sorry, it looks like you’re not quite understanding the process.

Like @mlindeb posted, No code whatsoever is needed to download software using the download assistant. Anyone can download, from anywhere.

What would be helpful, is a screenshot of your activation manager. This will help others help you.

Apple Nuendo!?
Dude, L.O.L.

Edit (I better screenshot this)

Steve thanks for your comment however I don’t expect another user to give me advice.

My sale of purchase agreement is with Steinberg, not you. I’m not being offensive and please don’t take offence at this.

It is up to Steinberg to advise me if the process differs from that which they have advised of in their emails following my purchase. It’s not a small amount of money to have paid so I’d appreciate guidance from the company as if what you suggest bricks my system, I would have some recourse. I hope you appreciate this.

If you buy a Ford car and later finds out it doesn’t start, you’d expect Ford to advise how to rectify this. If however you go onto a forum and someone advises you to do this or that and this then fecks up the car, what do you think Ford will say?

So my point is that firstly Steinberg’s instructions as to how to do the upgrade must be totally inaccurate and secondly to ignore a user’s request for customer service for nearly a month is unacceptable.

I’m losing substantial revenue here having a system that is totally bricked since late last year. It’s not just a hobby for me, it’s my income and I’m having to turn down jobs or defer them because of this. Had I stayed on my earlier version I wouldn’t have had any of these problems.

Hope you appreciate this and no flaming please.


Unfortunately, you probably won’t get a response from official tech support about this. They get many questions, and I think they have to prioritize. This is a user forum, where people trade ideas, give advice and ask for advice.

This is not an official support platform, though users here have provided an incredible amount of correct advice and solutions.

It’s not uncommon for people to make this statement on the forum. But on this forum there’s a diverse community of professional users – from one-person studios and composers, to multi-million dollar soundstage and post facilities. Myself, I’m a working musician who uses Cubase for producing demos and sheet music, and transcribing and composing.

There is some consensus among these users that a professional, in whatever field they may be, makes sure they are correctly informed about the tools they use, and also can verify whether their understanding is correct. Frequently this is done in consultation with peers here. It works pretty well, and there’s a record of the advice given and discussions held that can be useful for many years.

But you can, this is outlined in the documentation about the new Steinberg Licensing System, in the section about updating from the Elicenser system.

To be frank, this seems hyperbolic.


Whoever posted about “I’ve referred this to my legal team”, no it’s not hyperbolic. European lawyers who have agreed that loss of earnings are applicable in this case.

What do you guys not get?

I refer you to my previous post about buying a new Ford car.

If all of us stick to the constant that tech support is available through the forums from other users, Steinberg will continue with this unacceptable support. Do you really want that? I’ve paid good money for an item I cannot access. Do you all think this acceptable? Well I’ll accept maybe some of you do not. But for the vendor to ignore my repeated requests. Is that acceptable? They do not have a legal leg to stand on.

That’s my last post on the matter as I know I’ll continue to angry unhelpful posts from well intentioned folks which is not the reason for my post.

This article details how to upgrade from a previous version of Cubase to Cubase 12:

If you used an USB-eLicenser dongle to store your Cubase license in the past, please connect it to your computer and follow the steps above.

Run the Steinberg Activation Manager to check if your Cubase 12 license is available. Please make sure that you’re signed-in to the correct MySteinberg account.

If you’re getting any error messages, please post them here. It’s likely that someone will be able to help you get this sorted within minutes.

And as stated many times before, anyone can download and install Cubase 12 at any time, even if they don’t have a valid license to run the software.


Too late dude.

I’ll keep advising users to avoid Steinberg.