wonder how cubase run on osx mavericks

With the new performance tweaks on osx maverick wonder howl cubase 7 will perform.
someone have any exsperience with the new osx let me no.

Aloha m, (I have posted about this topic before).

The raw power of this new Mac beast will allow us to run more stuff
(plugs/fx/etc) for sure.

since OS 10.7, (Lion) and OS 10.8, (Mountain Lion)
Apple has reported no improvements/enhancements
to their ‘Core MIDI’/‘Core Audio’ structure.

I have not yet read about any change in this policy
for OS 10.9 (Mavericks)

This will be three major OS releases with no new focus on those
two areas.

I am a bit apprehensive that we may have reached the
point (on a system wide basis) of no more or
very lil continuing support for
the pro music community.

New apps, samples, sounds, plugs etc are nice but
an ever strengthening foundation is what is needed
for true upward growth.

We will see.

Might be a good thing to delete your other post with the same topic title. :slight_smile:

As you may know, Apple’s Mac OS X 10.9 has just been released. Currently we are testing all Steinberg products for OS X 10.9 compatibility. The testing is still going on, so we cannot provide you with the final results.

However, what is known so far is that all Steinberg software products (except for Cubase LE / AI / Elements 7.0.6) are affected by an issue with the CoreAudio2ASIO component when using audio hardware in class-compliant mode which may lead to dangerous digital noise. Some Steinberg hardware products need to be updated as well to ensure full compatibility with the new OS X version. We therefore recommend you not to upgrade to OS X 10.9 yet.*

We are already working on updates for affected products in order to make them available as soon as possible. We will keep you up to date. Please continue to visit http://www.steinberg.net for news and updates.

*In case you are using Cubase 7 and want to update to OS X 10.9 anyway, please make sure to deactivate the “Display have separate Spaces” option in the Mission Control Preferences.