Wonderful App- CUBASIS! My Experience...

I just downloaded and installed Cubasis on 03 Aug, 2015 on my iPad mini (after waiting for months) and I’m happy to say that CUBASIS is just awesome. It is worth paying $ 49.99. I’m not a great musician but I could record a simple instrumental (Indian based) in few minutes. I used 15 tracks for this recording with built-in Instruments & effects (including 1 audio track IAA Yamaha synth Arp for Guitar) and then used Audiobus and route this Gtr track back to Cuabasis. I’ve not used Automations and sampler yet. I then did a Mixdown as wave and also seperate tracks for my Zoom R24. I did all this without any problems. I’m sure I can do much more than this in coming days… It took my memories back to 1999 when I did my first midi album using Cakewalk Pro for PC. Now, after 16 years I have found CUBASIS as a powerful app for all iOS midi & audio recording… Well done Steinberg!

Song SANDREM.mp3 attached
I used my Sony DJ headphone to monitor, hence the mixing is not good. (I do not have studio headphones nor Audio Interface). Once I have these equipments I will record a more complex music using all the features of CUBASIS.



glad to hear you like it and having you with Steinberg for many years! :wink:

We have a great user community here and you will find valuable information.

Let us know, if you need any help!