Wondering about the Format within the Batch Processor

Hello Together,

I have a quenstion about Wavelab Version 10.0-70.
I want to create two Versions from an existing audio file with the format: BWAV / 96 KHZ / 24 BIT via Batch Processing.
The two Versions should have these formats:

  1. BWAV / 48 KHZ / 24 BIT
  2. MPEG 1-Layer 3, 44.1 KHz / 16 Bit

Two things are wondering:

  1. There is no BWAV Format, which I can choose from the Formatlist, only "Wave (Microsoft)
  2. And if I open the converted MP3 Wavelab 10, shows the bit depth 32 bit, but the export was adjustet to 16 bit, besides that, Wavelab 8.5 says, that it is 16 bit?

Thank you very much in advance for your friendly help!

Greets, Michael

BWAV and WAV are the same thing.
BWAV is when you add a BWF metadata, but this is basically a WAV

When encoding to MP3, you loose all the accuracy brought by the 32 bit float encoding.
Hence decoding to 16 bit is not a problem.
This being said, from WaveLab 11, decoding MP3 creates 32 bit float.

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Good Morning PG1,

thank you very much for your answere. BWAV and WAV are the same thing, thats right, but do you know, if the Medadatas from an BWAV will be also transfered and preserved, if I render a BWAF to this Wave (Microsoft)?

Thank you, Michael

Yes, they are preserved when this option is active:


Yes, this option is active (-:

Thanks a lot!