Wondering how to mixdown in multiple formats at once.

I recently come back to Cubase 8.5 Pro (after 3 years of using Logic) and I failed to find a way to mixdown my project in multiple formats at once (which is necessary to me… I used it a lot in Logic).

Also, the current Cubase 8.5 Pro still has lack of iTunes Plus export. (I know it is supported in Wavelab already)

Not possible in Cubase. Use Logic or Wavelab.

That’s not solution but just useless workaround, subject to what I addressed in my sigature.

I come back using Cubase just for its note expression and better MIDI routing experience. Since it’s not availabue in current version of Cubase, then this leads to the feature request of its next release. Anyway, it’s still Steinberg who make desicions of such.