Wondering if a particular VariAudio bug was fixed in C6

Hi all,

I have not yet upgraded to C6, and was wondering if a bug that I was experiencing in C5 was fixed in the new version of Cubase.

Long story short, exporting or flattening a VariAudio track would result in a new audio file with no VariAudio processing on it. You could reimport the file back into your session and see/hear that no processing was applied. There was a thread on the cubase.net that confirmed that at least a few others were experiencing the same problem, but it didn’t appear to be a widespread issue. If anyone can confirm that VariAudio processing is retained when exporting the audio track, exporting mixdown, flattening, doing a loop recording… it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time.

I did several vocal VariAudio edits/processing tasks on a project this past week and all re-imported fine (and processed…!). 44.1Khz 24bit files. Vocal takes were of various lengths, from say 30 secs to whole tracks of 4 - 5 mins.

So, no hiccups so far… then again, i can’t recall this happening with C5 (average use - not hammering it day-in, day-out mind…) :slight_smile: