wondering if Instrument tracks will be multitimbral?

Wondering if Instrument tracks will be multitimbral?

I saw Steinberg promised this for C7 somewhere, makes me think there is another update on the way, something bigger that 7.02…

Maybe a 3.5 with touch? :slight_smile:

Aloha z, I think I am missing something here.

If a user:
1-Adds an Instrument Track
2-Loads Halion Sonic (SE) to that track.

Does the user not now have a ‘Multitimbral Instrument track’?

With this one Halion Sonic loaded track a user can now,
1-Play more than one ‘sound patch’ at a time (multitimbral)
2-Have access to several outputs
3-Respond to all 16 MIDI channels.

Or did you mean a ‘multitimbral Instrument track’
that can 'load/playback more than one VSTi
on the same track?

Can you give a lil more info on what you mean?

And who knows.
Maybe Steiny will do what you ask with the upcoming 7.0.3. release.
Altho’ I did not read that as a new feature in Helge’s blurb.


How can a VSTi have access to several outputs if using an instrument track??
Am I missing something??

It can not - other than internally. The master ouput to the instrument track can’ t be anything else than stereo.

That’s what I thought

I think the OP is referring to what was said in Steinberg Forums :

I thought instrument tracks go multi-out and multi-in in Cubase 7 and are unified with the VSTi rack??!!
Well, they should, but didn’t make it in time for Cubase 7. We will revamp instrument tracks and the VSTi rack in a future update. And as somebody asked if it means removing MIDI tracks… of course not.

If so, that would be really great.

Certainly that´s what he meant. Question is just, why this has to be brought up for the 25th time since he already knows it is said to be introduced sometime… :unamused:
And IMHO, it is quite obvious, that 7.03 will not be the last update in the cubase 7 lifecycle…

Well, I guess I haven’t been paying attention to that, so it’s not as annoying to me as to you, thinkingcap.

Does this mean a new paradigm where one would use multiple “midi” tracks with the benefits instrument tracks (each having it’s own sound output et al) and be able to route several of them to the same instance of a VSTi?

Yes that’s where I saw it Steve, [ last thing on the list] there are a couple of things in this list that do not, presumably, make it into the update today ish… presumably?

I don’t really care about instrument tracks, I’m more concerned with multi-out/multi-track type presets.

That also would be incredibly useful.

Stereo track presets are a waste of time. Saves you like 4 seconds, if that. Another feature for the bullet list that doesn’t actually do anything. If you’ve ever used presets in other hosts that generate all of your routings both MIDI & Audio for complex configs like drum kits with percussion or large orchestration configurations, you’ll appreciate why what we have in Cubase is the kiddy pool version.